10 things NOT to do in the gym…

Have you kick-started your new gym regime? Is 2018 your year in the gym? 

Before you go any further, here are 10 things to avoid if you want to get the most out of your training….

Disclaimer: If any of these points ring true with yourself, please remember these are supposed to be light-hearted observation’s and not designed to offend. Hopefully by reading this blog, it may help you improve your training and potentially make you more efficient with your training time.

 1-Going backwards on the cross-trainer:

 This is only functional if you wish to start walking backwards everywhere! Plus the majority of cross trainer machines place resistance on the forward plane of motion.

 2-Holding on whilst on the treadmill:

 Not ideal for posture or the lower back, leads to rounding of the shoulders and actually burns less calories. Only real exception for this would be anyone who suffers from balance issues or injury/illness.

 3-Wearing a jacket/waterproof whilst performing CV exercise:

 Often done in the hope of extra calorie burn. This is a great idea if dehydration, dizziness and/or potentially fainting is your thing!

 4-Performing the EXACT same workout upon every visit:

 If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!

 5-Over-complicating exercises without mastering the basics first:

 One example: I suggest if you cannot perform a full range, quality standard press up (option relative to yourself), you do not need to add a fitball/wobble cushion/any other piece of equipment to this exercise in the hope of it enhancing your ‘core’. This also doesn’t make it any more ‘functional’ if technique is poor.

 6-Performing hours & hours of steady state cardio:

 Unless you are literally training for a marathon, you do not need to be training for hour’s one end, especially continual steady pace cardio. Steady state CV definitely has a place in training but as with all methods do not over do it!

 7-Lifting weights that are too heavy:

 Men and ego, need I say anymore on this one?

 8-Lifting weights that are too light:

 You do not accidentally get big! And contrary to what you may believe, you do not ‘bulk up’ easily.

 9-Copying workouts from magazines that are not applicable to training age or experience:

 Unless you are actually a bodybuilder with years of experience, chances are the latest routine in Flex magazine is not for you!

 10-Spending too long in the gym in terms of total workout duration:

 There is no need for this. You can simply break up your routine rather than doing everything every time you train.


That’s all for today, until the next time…

Tristan ’10 things’ Buttle.

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