15 things I’ll never do as fitness professional using Social Media…

15 things I’ll never do as fitness professional using Social Media...15 things I’ll never do as fitness professional using Social Media:

1)Wear GymShark..

2)Wear a stringer vest, or anything that shows my nipples or ‘side boob’.3)Start a video with the introduction ‘Hi guys, I just wanted to jump on here real quick to tell you all about’…… blah, blah, blah..

4)Become a ‘brand ambassador‘ for a supplement company so I can sell you shitty products that I don’t actually use myself.

5)Buy stuff on my credit card or cars on finance that I can’t actually afford just to upload it to the gram to convince you that I’m a ‘success’.

6)Chase the ‘bluetick’ or follow someone else purely because they happen to have a blue tick.

7)Use the words ‘detox’ or ‘cleanse’.

8)Promote the idea there is such a thing as ‘fat burning exercise or a fat burning food’.

9)Make a specific diagnosis of an injury, illness or condition you may have.

10)Use heavily filtered/edited/fake photos of either myself or clients to promote my business.

11)Overcomplicate anything to deliberate confuse you or to lead you to believe that the basics don’t work.

12)Sell you a set generic bland & boring ‘meal plan’ that doesn’t educate you about calories or include any foods you actually enjoy!

13)Sell or endorse any sort of fad diet or ‘miracle’ weight loss plan.

14)Take steroids & lie about taking steroids. If I did take them I wouldn’t lie about it & I wouldn’t pretend to be ‘natural’. I am natural because I have NEVER taken anything. If you have (ever) taken gear you are not natural, simple. On a side note, I respect anyone who is honest & transparent about their usage.

15)Go anywhere near Herbalife !


Tristan ‘covered nipples’ Buttle.



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