Day: September 6, 2017

morning cardio

She ignored me at first……..

Whenever I feel I need to get leaner I simply start by increasing my activity levels, I often include walks as my morning cardio before breakfast into my daily routine… I simply get up, quick shower, black coffee, grab my water bottle and go for a stroll….. typically just around the block, lasting between 20-30 minutes… […]

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Mountain biking

I looked like I was wearing a nappy…..

Earlier this year I had a week in the Lake District with my girlfriend and her family friends, we had an amazing time and I would recommend it to anyone! A week of mountain biking, walking, hiking, relaxing & chilling with one of my favourite people was exactly what I needed. Part of the trip […]

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He eats over 10,000 calories a day!

Yep, that’s right…Over 10,000 calories, EVERY DAY, you read it correctly…… Wow! That’s a serious intake, right?! The man responsible for eating this volume of calories in this case is Eddie Hall, who also happens to be one of the strongest men on this planet………weighing in at over 29 stone….. My girlfriend and I watched […]

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