2020: Half of this year has GONE!

It really hit me this week that we are already halfway through 2020!

If you cast your mind back to January you probably started the year by focusing on your goals? 

No doubt you had things you wanted to work on & things you wanted to achieve?

Then the lockdown came around in March to disrupt everything for everyone! 

A lot of us have become side tracked or derailed from our goals, this is understandable, and I totally get it. We are living in mad times & we have literally never experienced a world like this before.

However, when it comes to your health & fitness, the reality is that your body doesn’t have a consciousness & your body isn’t aware of anything that’s going on in the world…

YOU have a consciousness, but your body simply responds to the actions & the decisions that you make. 

So what actions can YOU take today that are going to help to get YOU back on track?

Before you know it, this year will be over and you could be in worse position that you are now.

It doesn’t matter how small your steps are, as long as you are moving forward.

I’ll be honest, this year has NOT gone to plan for me either but I refuse to let 2020 beat me & I encourage you do the same.

Thats all for today, have a good day, have a good workout, have a good week. 

Tristan ‘halfway’ Buttle.

P.S – If there’s anything I can to help, give me a shout 👍🏻

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