Day: January 12, 2023

Carl Newman

The Tristan Buttle Podcast – Episode 41 – Chatting to Carl Newman: Michael Keatons Batman double!

I am joined by Carl Newman! Carl was Micheal Keaton’s movement double for the Tim Burton directed 1989 BATMAN movie! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE Batman fan, so this episode was very special to me! We dive into Carl’s background in dance, his approach to training, the importance of mental toughness, and […]

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I don’t ‘have’ to do this…

I don’t ‘have’ to do this, I ‘get’ to do this… Chances are if you are reading this you are luckier than you think. You are able bodied. You are able minded. You may have injuries, limitations & you may have mental struggles & battles, but the chances are you DO have exercise/training options. Sadly, […]

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