4 minutes to motivation……

Ever have one of ‘those’ days? Days were you lack motivation?

You know the days I mean…

>When you feel you have lost your mojo?

>When you convince yourself it’s because you are lazy??

>You have brain fog??

>Everything seems misty & you can’t seem to switch on??

>When no amount of caffeine can get you amped or focused??!

>So you put things off, until ‘later’ or you decide to ‘start on Monday’??

Firstly, all this means is that you are human!

We ALL have days like this………..

I going to share a little tip I learned recently from a guy who I look up to greatly, that I think may help you out……………

>‘The 4 minute rule’

Basically, you sit down with whatever you need to tackle, & commit to at least 4 minutes of focus/work…….set the stopwatch or timer on your phone, press start & boom!!

You can always manage 4 minutes, am I right?

After that 4 minute mark, you’ll probably find you begin to find your rhythm, and you start to tackle what’s required…..you’ll find your motivation…..

You can apply this to your training too…….

Those ‘lazy’ days can be turned around by saying to yourself that you’ll do the warm up and the first two exercises only…what happens next?

Once you are warmed up and you have started (often the hardest part) you’ll ‘forget’ that you originally couldn’t be bothered & 90% of the time you will do more than you set out to do, due to your new found motivation…..

Try it; let me know how you get on…..

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘4 minutes to motivation’ Buttle.

p.s :as ever, please do give me a shout, if I can help you, I will.

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