Do you know next weeks winning lottery numbers?


Winning lottery numbers


Are you psychic? Can you predict the future? Do you know for sure what’s going to happen? If so, can you give me next week’s winning lottery numbers ?


However, I’m willing to wager

that you may live like you do……….

Are you living with what MIGHT happen or what you THINK may happen?

The ‘winning lottery numbers ‘ claim sounds crazy, but it’s not far from the truth when you consider the impact of having a certain mindset…..

Here’s the thing, I get why may have not tackled certain things, I get why you haven’t taken action………

……you may think it’s because you are lazy or unmotivated & you put it off because you can’t be bothered.

However, procrastination is very often translated as another word for fear…..

I get it…. I get it because I’m guilty of doing exactly the same…….

It’s powerful isn’t it? The fear…………..

However what you are scared of very often hasn’t happened yet, am I right?

You are scared of what you THINK MIGHT happen…

>If you go to the gym people MIGHT judge you (they won’t, but that’s another story).

>You think you MIGHT not be fit enough to take part in what others are doing…

>You THINK your trainer will expect nothing but broccoli & burpees from you…( not me!)

>You are worried what people MIGHT say… What others MIGHT think….

>You are worried what happens IF you fail……

You are worried about what simply hasn’t happened.

Are you are stopping today’s progress by focusing on tomorrow?

Try to live in the present, try to face your fear head on…

That’s all for today. until the next time,

Tristan ‘I’ve never actually bought a lottery ticket’ Buttle.

P.S- if you ever do have next weeks winning lottery numbers, please do give me a shout!


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