Do you need to worry about coconut oil?


Coconut oil



‘Don’t worry about it’…….……….that’s what I told her. It  was my reply to a question about coconut oil & its health properties….now before we go any further, let me explain myself………

I see many people (too many people in fact) sweating over what I consider to be the small stuff….

>Should I use coconut oil?
>Should I drink green tea?
>Should I drink only bottled water?
>Should I take supplements?
>Should I switch to fresh coffee over instant?
>Should I buy gluten free oats?

The list goes on……………………..

There is a strong argument/health benefit to ALL of the above & ALL have their case & application for certain people, but only if (and it’s a big, huge ‘if’) the rest of an individuals lifestyle supports these choices…

So if you happen to be someone who is stressed out, not getting enough sleep, with a diet that lacks sufficient protein, you have no idea how many calories you consume, & you struggle to plan past your next meal, then I would suggest not sweating the small stuff, like whether to switch to coconut oil or not…..

There’s a lot more you can do that will give you FAR greater results & FAR greater change……

Nails the basics first, get consistent in your approach, then add in simple ‘finer details’ as you progress….

Not mastering the basics first but sweating over coconut oil (or other smaller details) is like ignoring your partner all year round, forgetting their birthday, but then going all out on Valentines Day!!

Trust me when I say you can make change with simple, realistic, sustainable steps.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘I’ve never actually forgot anyones birthday’ Buttle.

P.S: Honest……………

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