6 weeks of weight loss program!

Since I’ve started working with Tristan I have not only improved my technique when it comes to exercise, but I’ve also learnt how to eat healthier. I’m cooking from fresh now, which my family prefer, so it’s win win! I would really recommend working with Tristan if you are wanting to get leaner and live a healthier lifestyle. Even though my 6 week transformation has finished my new healthier journey continues for life’! –Mike Dunn

6 weeks of weight loss program!

  • Are you fed up, frustrated & bored?
  • Have you lost your direction & control ?
  • Are you fridge raiding & comfort eating?
  • Have you had enough of your tired workouts?
  • Despite having load of things you ‘could’ be doing, you cant be arsed?

I get it, I understand, I’ve have days like these myself.

But let’s be honest, its not looking like the gym is reopening any time soon, and the longer you leave it the harder its going to be!

My 6 weeks to leaner program is designed to help YOU take back control!

The program lasts 6 weeks but its NOT an excessive plan with a fad/crash diet, its simply designed to kickstart your progress and give you tools that you CAN use for life!

What’s included?

  • Initial video call consultation with myself to personalise your program.
  • A structured exercise program that isn’t dull & boring!
  • A 50 + page guide to managing your nutrition & lifestyle. This includes: establishing what calories/macros YOU need, & how to set YOUR targets, along with a guide to using MyFitnesspal.
  • This guide will also teach how to include foods that you actually enjoy and STILL get results!
  • Easy to follow recipe sheets to spice things up, because nobody wants to live on chicken and broccoli!
  • Weekly check ins with myself to keep you accountable & motivated!
  • Access to a private Whatsapp group with other like minded people, to share ideas/tips and ask more questions!


To get signed up or for more info, simply drop me a message.

Have a good day, have a good workout, have a good week!

Tristan ‘take control’ Buttle.