A quick one on Fat……..

Right, lets get straight to some basics on fat……….

In terms of calorie content per gram, macronutrients provide the following:

Protein: 4kcal per gram….
Carbohydrate: 4kcal per gram.
Fat: 9kcal per gram.

Looking at the numbers above, it’s clear to see how following a ‘low fat’ diet would result in potential weight loss, simply due to the creation of a calorie reduction.

Diet systems that place an emphasis on lowering fat but increasing carbs achieve weight loss by placing the individual in a calorie deficit…..

It may appear that this person is eating more, but losing weight… what is actually happening is they are often eating a larger amount of lower calorie foods…

Fat can also be easy to overeat on…. smashing a full bag of nuts in is easy, and can result in a 600kcal intake, this amount from carbs & protein only would give you a far greater quantity of food.

This is often how and why fat (unfairly) gets a bad reputation.

Fat is NOT the enemy and should NOT be avoided, it is an essential macro-nutrient for health and performance.

That’s all for tonight, until the next time,

Tristan ‘had to stop buying peanut butter’ Buttle.


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