Silly Season Survival Guide

Christmas aka Silly Season is around the corner, so here are 10 quick tips for you to check out:

  1. My main tip for this festive season is to enjoy yourself!! Spend time as much with your friends & loved ones as you can! Having a laugh is what Christmas is ALL about!

    DO NOT TRACK ANY CALORIES ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! – this is completely unrealistic and totally unnecessary.

  2. Stay hydrated, start every day with water. Try filling a bottle & leaving it in the fridge over night, (try squeezing fresh lemon into the water for flavour). How much should you drink? Find out here.

  3. Focus on keeping Vitamin C levels high……In case you are wondering, Terry’s chocolate orange does not count as a source of Vitamin C!

  4. Try drinking peppermint tea in between larger meals, some studies have linked the benefits of doing so with calmed/improved digestion & reduced bloating.

  5. Eat fish! Christmas time can be a great time to try/experiment with a variety of fish dishes.

  6. Use walks as part of your routine over the holiday period, just a simple brisk 20minute walk with friends/family will help battle the carb coma!

  7. Get creative: try making fresh soups or curries with the never ending turkey leftovers!

  8. In terms of training, I wouldn’t advise aiming to beat any records or looking at huge marks in increased performance. Keep your training as consistent as you feel is possible/realistic but if you have trained hard all year round, allowing yourself the extra rest day here and there will not hinder your progress.

  9. The ‘post christmas/pre new year’ time of year can also be a great opportunity to focus on your goals/aspirations for 2019. Take your time to decide what you truly want to achieve.

That’s all today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘silly season’ Buttle.

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