About me

A quick bit about me….
I’m 43, I live in Cottingham with my girlfriend Amy (our mental, but lovable cockapoo) & Smokey (our disapproving, but lovable cat).
I’ve had many ups, downs, highs, lows & everything in between in my life and it wasn’t until meeting Amy that I found true happiness. She is behind everything I do.
I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Prior to taking the self employed leap in 2017, I was caught up in a role that wasn’t making me happy. I felt trapped & lost my sense of purpose, so I decided to make some changes & work for myself!
I’m now back to LOVING what I do, I take massive enjoyment & satisfaction in helping people and its huge part of my life.
All my personal training is based at my home gym :TBHQ!
The goal behind my gym is to provide TRUE 1-2-1 training because Personal Training should be exactly that, PERSONAL
You are an individual & unique,I don’t impose my goals on you & I wont ask you to do what I do. I listen to your goals and get YOU to realise YOUR potential…..we may even have a laugh along the way!
If I can help you, if you want a chat about your training, you are confused about nutrition, you want to lose weight & get stronger or you just want to meet Dexter, give me a shout!
Have a good day, have a good workout, have a good week.

Tristan ‘personal touch’ Buttle.