I’m 42 years old & I’ve worked in the fitness industry since I was 21…

Occasionally I can feel a bit self conscious about my age. Don’t get me wrong,  I know 42 isn’t ‘that old’, however the industry can often be seen as a ‘young persons game’ and it’s easy to allow this to mess with your head…if you let it. 

However, if I cast my mind back to when I first started out all those years ago, I felt like I was judged and not taken seriously due to my age. 

I dealt with my insecurities by acting cocky. Inside I was scared to admit I was wrong or that I didn’t know the answer to something. 

The reality is that the 42 year old version of me would have intimidated the 21 year old version of me!

We are all judged by someone and we all judge ourselves, but there’s NOTHING you can do to stop the clock ticking, and age will catch us ALL at some point.

All you can do is be the best you can be right now.

You are not defined by your age, you are defined by your decisions, your choices, and your actions.

Stay young and invincible.

Tristan ‘knocking on’ Buttle.

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