Are the scales making you miserable?



Are the scales making you miserable?

My goal is currently fatloss, & I have been weighing myself fortnightly:

Sunday morning, no food, no clothes & after having a pee..

This gives me control over the variables…

Or so I thought…

This morning I weighed in at 104kg( this is up from 2 weeks ago, despite being in a deficit).

After having a glass of water, a black coffee & going for a walk with Amy in the snow, I got weighed again out of interest:


1.5kg/3.3 pound difference in the space of less than an hour!



My point of sharing this with you is that your Bodyweight WILL fluctuate day to day, (even hour to hour)… in my case (and in the case of most others)water plays a HUGE factor in scale weight.

Please don’t allow these numbers to derail your progress or dictate your happiness.

Stay consistent, trust the process and keep moving forward!

If you do wish to get on the scales, do it at the same time of day, under the same parameters and take an average reading. Or alternatively, forget the scales completely, & take measurements & photos.

That’s all for today, 

Tristan ‘lost 3 pound in an hour(not really)’ Buttle.

Ps feel free to share this with a friend.


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