Are you confused about carbs?: PART 1



Are you confused about carbs?


Carbs often get a LOT of bad press when it comes to fat loss!

❌Every now and again, something or someone gets demonised in the world of nutrition & health, & carbs have certainly had their fair share of hate over the years!

✅I’d like to help clear up some carb confusion over a series of upcoming posts, so I can help answer questions like:

All are carbs the same?

Will carbs make you gain weight?

Should you avoid them at all costs?

Do you need carbs?

But for tonight, let’s nail some basics, & look at the different types of carbs:

⚠️Carbohydrates– the name means carbon plus water.

⚠️Carbs hold water in the body, which is why dropping carbs can result in (fairly) quick weight loss due to a loss of water weight.

There are 2 main types of carbs:

1️⃣Simple Carbs.
2️⃣Complex Carbs.

Your brain & nervous system utilize carbs for energy. Carbs are broken down into a molecule called glucose, which is either used for energy or stored for later use.

Carbs made up of units of sugar, the difference between each type of carb is simply the number of sugar units it contains and how they are linked together.

1️⃣Simple Carbohydrates:

These are made up of 1 or 2 units of sugar.

Carbs with only 1 unit of sugar are called simple sugars, but their formal Sunday name is ‘monosaccharide’ (it’s Greek ha).

Fruit also falls into this category as Fructose.


2️⃣ Complex Carbohydrates:

When these carbs are made up of 2 or more units of sugar their funky name is ‘polysaccharides’, when these carbs have 3 to 10 units of sugar they can be called ‘oligosaccharides’.

Common day to day examples of complex carbs include: porridge oats, rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, and beans.


The key to complex carbs is in the name, as they are made up of many many units of sugar, this is what makes them ‘complex’.

This is why complex carbs take a lot longer to digest than simple carbs. This results in glucose being released slower and at a steadier rate than simple carbs.

That’s all for now…

Hope this helps!

Tristan ‘carb fan’ Buttle.

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