Are you Lazy?


The word ‘lazy’ is often misused…

There’s a huge false belief that if somebody doesn’t train, or has stopped training, it’s because they are  ‘lazy’.

Lazy to me means someone who just sits around doing nothing, laid on the sofa, all day everyday, basically somebody who lives like everyday is a hangover day.

I don’t happen to know ANYONE who fits into this category!

I’m sure there are people like this out there, I’m just saying I don’t know anyone & haven’t worked with anyone who does NOTHING ALL DAY.

In my experience, a common reason that people give for not going to the gym or not sticking to a routine is a perceived lack of time.

I have trained some very busy people over the years & as I’ve said before, age often presents more responsibility, which can eat away at your precious time, if  you let it.

If we consider the following aspects of daily adult life:

Family/Work/Business commitments.
Cooking tea.
Household/garden chores.
Being a taxi service to the kids.
Getting the kids ready for school.
Dealing with moody teenagers.

The list goes on (and on)!

Due to these commitments, your health & wellbeing can often suffer/decline

However, this isn’t down to plain old laziness, but often an inability to put yourself first.

Feelings of guilt, coupled with thoughts of ‘I should really be doing something else’ are often reasons why people quit or don’t even get started.

Putting yourself first cam be tough, but all of the things listed above that stop you from training are all exactly the things that you can handle better from training!

Referring to yourself as lazy or, worse still, being labelled lazy by others & society only compounds the feelings of self doubt and adds pressure to a potentially already pressured lifestyle.

If you feel you can relate to what I’m talking about, the fact that you give so much to so many other areas of your life should be proof enough for you that you are NOT lazy!

You just need a realistic & enjoyable routine, that you CAN stick to, one that allows flexibility, that gives you a ‘plan b’ option and that keeps you inspired & motivated.

Think about what you CAN do, forget what you DID do, or what you USED to do, focus on the now, and stop beating yourself up!

As ever, give me a shout if you need help.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘lazy?’ Buttle.


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