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weight loss seminar

Join me for my weight loss seminar!

JOIN MY UPCOMING SEMINAR: ‘Truly Understanding Weight Loss’. Wednesday 29th November 7pm – 9pm. Airlington Hall Church Walk Hallgate Cottingham HU16 4DD I decided to host this event because I feel there is still so much confusion surrounding the topic of weight loss & nutrition. The world can be full of conflicting advice and it can […]

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11kg weightloss

Lewis has lost 11kg!

This is Lewis and he has lost 11kg in the last 20 weeks! He’s stronger, more confident, and is doing things he’s never done before in the gym.  He doesn’t like to celebrate his success, I’m doing it for him!  Our approach to weight loss has been about creating a sustainable plan that has allowed […]

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That's Progress!

That’s Progress!

‘That’s Progress’! As a trainer this is something I often find myself saying to my clients throughout my day. I log everything single workout with every single client and we aim to make progress throughout our sessions together. Progression completely underpins my approach with all my clients. Simon noted this & kindly had these t-shirts […]

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3 Stone Weight Loss!

This is Steve & he has a lost a total of 3 STONE in the last 16 weeks! As a trainer I am supposed to be positive about my clients and say nice things, but I can honestly say that working with Steve is a true pleasure. He’s very consistent, he continually challenges himself, and […]

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Are you Lazy?

The word ‘lazy’ is often misused… There’s a huge false belief that if somebody doesn’t train, or has stopped training, it’s because they are  ‘lazy’. Lazy to me means someone who just sits around doing nothing, laid on the sofa, all day everyday, basically somebody who lives like everyday is a hangover day. I don’t […]

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Garage Gym Experiment

The Tristan Buttle Podcast – Episode 46 Chatting to Garage Gym Experiment…

Garage Gym Experiment – the benefits of training of at home, the role of parenthood, the importance of having a plan and much much more!

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Why I really don’t like Gymshark…

Gymshark is a huge success but, in my opinion, a huge amount of that success (especially in their earlier days) is built on lies….

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The Tristan Buttle Podcast – Episode 45 – Chatting to Tim Butler A.K.A – Temmmeeeee!

Temmmeeeee, grip specialist Tim Butler, joins me a for chat!

Temmmeeeee competes in crazy feats of strength such as casually tearing a full pack of cards in half!

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This is Dave...

This is Dave…

This is Dave & he is 69 years young. When it comes to achieving your health & fitness, age is obviously a factor and it can play a role in your training set up. For example, we pay close attention to the loading of Dave’s joints, & we include a lot exercises that are based […]

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Marilyn Monroe

Ladies – This is Marilyn Monroe…

Ladies: this is Marilyn Monroe. As you can see, she is lifting weights.. No matter what your goals are, weight training should play an essential role in your program/routine. Women have been told (either consciously or unconsciously) by the world that they either can’t or shouldn’t challenge themselves with any other than a pink dumbbell. […]

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