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28 days of bread

28 Days Of Bread…

🍞28 days of  bread -The challenge!  🍞Starting today, for the month of February, I’m going to be doing a ’28 days of bread’ challenge! This isn’t what you think it might be… I am going to eat bread for 28 days straight… It might be toast, it might be a sarnie or a cheeky bagel, […]

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The fast way isn’t always the best way…

Losing weight radically is easy, but it’s also completely unsustainable… ⚠️Once this radical approach stops, you will undoubtedly end up back to where you started (or worse). Social media doesn’t help, long term & sustainability isn’t as easy to sell, which is why the quick fix BS is continually churned out by ‘influencers’ & ‘reality’ stars… […]

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Unbreakable starring Bruce Wills as David Dunn, have you seen it?   It’s a classic film, Bruce at his finest (apart from Die Hard obviously ha ha ).. Anyway, David discovers he has certain gifts, certain strengths & certain powers… Throughout the course of Unbreakable David starts to challenge these strengths… He doesn’t really know how strong […]

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Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival : The Greatest Party That Never Happened…

  Fyre Festival : The Greatest Party That Never Happened… Amy & I recently watched the Netflix doc ‘the greatest party that never happened’ all about the Fyre music festival.   I won’t spoil it all in case you haven’t seen it, but the basic premise centres around one mans idea of a very high […]

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Men do not read instructions…

When it comes to going the gym, you may decide to simply ‘go it alone’ or ‘do your own thing’………. Whilst this isn’t wrong, and its clearly better than nothing, it’s also probably not going to get you results you are truly after. The reality is that your choices and decisions lead directly to the […]

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Have you started?

Have you started your new year resolutions? Have you been hitting the gym, looking to lose body fat? Great start, however…. ⚠️Have you actually made realistic changes to your diet & taken control of what you eat? ⚠️You can train your arse off in the gym, but your efforts are wasted without modifying your eating […]

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why do you eat what you eat?

Why do YOU eat what YOU eat?

  Why do you eat what you eat? To help understand your relationship with food, try the following exercise: Before you are about to eat your food of choice, simply ask yourself why? Did you just grab the nearest thing out of pure hunger? Did you eat for comfort due to a bad day? Did […]

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Why ANY diet works (kind of)…

Just HOW important is nutrition when it comes to achieving fat loss? I’ll start by answering that question with a question ( well, actually 2 questions…I know, I know, I’m awkward…..) 1)Do you know anyone who has lost body fat/changed their bodyshape by changing their diet & lifestyle WITHOUT going to the gym? Your answer […]

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fat burning foods

The 6 Best Fat Burning Foods…

  Forget about mythical ‘fat burning foods’ here’s what You DO need to lose fat: ✅ To ensure you are in realistic caloric deficit. ✅ A nutritional approach that you CAN stick to, that suits YOU as an individual. ✅ A progressive & structured gym routine that focuses on strength/resistance training. ✅ A consistent level of NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis), track your steps! […]

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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions 2019 – Your guide to getting it right…

Happy New Year! Christmas has been & gone no doubt many of you will be starting 2019 by hitting the gym to beat that festive bloat & to kickstart your New Years Resolutions?! I have no issue with new years resolutions & even the most advanced or experienced trainer was once a beginner, however I’ve […]

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