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Turkey Bolognese

Turkey Mince Bolognese

Turkey Mince Bolognese: What’s for tea tonight? Stuck for ideas? Try this Turkey Mince Bolognese: Ingredients (Easily enough for 3 people, or 2 hungry people 😂): 500g lean (2%) turkey mince. 1 chopped onion. 2 x chopped carrots. 6 x chopped sticks of celery. 300g sliced mushrooms of choice. 1 tbsp tomato purée 2 x […]

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Prawn stir fry

Dead Simple King Prawn & Noodle Stir Fry.

Dead Simple King Prawn & Noodle Stir Fry:   Ingredients (to serve 2): works out just below 500 kcal per person. 1 x Whole Broccoli cut into equal sections. 2 x Sliced Red Peppers. 200g Baby corn sliced into halves. 400g King Prawns. 2 x portions of ‘Ready to wok’ medium noodles(I got mine from […]

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N.E.A.T – Do you need to move more?

‍   When it comes to fat loss, people often think about going to the gym & changing their diet, few look at their true overall activity levels………. ‍This is classed as N.E.A.T……. ‍N.E.A.T stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis…. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? This is a flashy way of describing & grouping all the energy that […]

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Metro Gym

‘It’s a proper gym’…

‘It’s a proper gym’… This is often what new clients say when they walk into Metro Gym with me for the first time.   In all honesty, most people who train with me are often nervous & intimidated, so the idea of training at ‘proper gym’ scares them. However, after about 10 mins, I always […]

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Are you confused about carbs?

Confused about carbs? Carbs often get a LOT of bad press when it comes to fat loss. You’ll no doubt know people who have cut carbs, and as a result have lost weight? You’ve maybe even done this yourself? Cut out bread and lost weight? Then reintroduced it and gained weight again? Every now and […]

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Random act of kindness

Random Act Of Kindness…

6 weeks ago, Steve contacted me as he wanted to revise his approach to training. Steve is an ex rugby player. His true passion for rugby was clear within 5 minutes of meeting him! Unfortunately the game had left him with several injuries which had caused limitations & pain in his current day training. The […]

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do the hard stuff

Do The Hard Stuff…

Do the hard stuff: . I often talk about the importance of challenging yourself in the gym by doing the ‘hard stuff’. . By this, I am referring to the exercises that place the biggest demand on your body. Eg. A rack pull, pulldown or pull up variation will always be more taxing on your […]

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greek yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt: whats the best option?

I’m a huge fan of Greek yoghurt as a versatile protein source, Amy & I tend to have it as our last meal of the day, whilst watching Love Island 😂. (to read more about my feelings on Love Island click here). I like to add half a scoop of vanilla protein powder & some berries, […]

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alton towers

Alton Towers: Facing The Fear…

    Amy & I went to Alton Towers yesterday & we LOVED it! However, when it came to jumping on some of rides I don’t mind admitting, I was a bit nervous! I mean some of the rides are very INTENSE & very FAST!     Whilst I was convincing myself it would all be ok, I realised we […]

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Metro Gym

Which exercise is best for YOU?

    Which exercise is the best for YOU? . You don’t HAVE to do any one exercise.. . When it comes to selecting an exercise, considerations should include: . Injuries/physician limitations (past & present). . Individual mechanics. . Whether the exercise in question is actually a good fit for that individual. . Limb length. […]

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