Be strong…….



One thing I can guarantee you is that, at some point in your life, your strength will be tested.

An example of this can be the toxic & negative relationships we sometimes find ourselves in (work, personal, family, you can apply this however you desire).

When these relationships come to an end or blow up, we can be left feeling lost, confused, hurt, misunderstood, exposed and perhaps even lonely.

We still feel these emotions despite knowing that in our heart the relationship itself was ultimately wrong, negative & perhaps destructive.

Worst case we bounce back into these relationships, with the same old habits, doing the same old thing…because it is ‘easy’, it is ‘familiar’ and it may even give a warped sense of security.

We do this because it’s easy to reverse back to what we know, rather than to drive towards what we don’t know.

This is often simply because we haven’t taken the time to work on ourselves and to develop ourselves.

The world of the unknown, the unsure, and the unfamiliar can be a very scary place.

If you can develop yourself to get past the point where you grow as a person without falling back into these negative relationships & situations, you start to become truly stronger.

This takes self-analysis, this takes reflection, and most importantly it takes time.

Whenever I talk about strength, I am never just talking about how much weight is lifted… This means absolutely nothing in the absence of a strong mind.

Going straight back to anything in your life that has a proven track record of negativity & pain, without taking the time to work on yourself, is like quitting the gym after a week because you didn’t get results.

It takes time, but it works if you work.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘had my fair share’ Buttle.


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