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Don’t sweat about sweating…

    Sweating… It’s pretty common for people to feel self conscious about sweating during exercise. This is totally understandable, as sweating is an involuntary action controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which is the part of our nervous system over which we have zero control. We don’t consciously think to ourselves ‘this is tough, […]

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A quick bit about me….

A quick bit about me…. I’m 43, I live in Cottingham with my girlfriend Amy, Dexter (our mental but lovable cockapoo) & Smokey (our disapproving, but lovable cat). I’ve had many ups, downs, highs, lows & everything in between in my life and it wasn’t until meeting Amy that I found true happiness & contentment. […]

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The Form Police

The Tristan Buttle Podcast – Episode 23 – Chatting to The Form Police…

The Form Police join the latest episode of the Tristan Buttle Podcast, and we are back with a BANG! We discuss the origin & history of the Form Police, why they decided to set up their account and what the ethos is behind their approach. We take an insightful & entertaining dive into why form […]

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Don’t be afraid…

  I’ve always had a passion for ‘traditional’ weight training, but I now enjoy including a wider range of training styles into my programming. I like the challenge of working on my weaknesses and areas I’ve neglected over the years. Box jumps have become part of regular routine now and they are progressing nicely…(you can […]

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Rucking: Rucking is an extremely simple method of training. Get a rucksack, add weight, bang the rucksack on your back & get walking! There are many different approaches & methods, but I  advise starting with around 5% of your bodyweight & progressing up to around 20%. I would start with an simple 20 min ruck […]

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TBHQ is ready for business! It’s been a long couple of weeks, but we did it!  I say ‘we’ because I’ve been extremely lucky to have some amazing people help make this happen! Ck Paving did a truly AMAZING job of totally transforming our garden! Their service & standard of work is superb.  My DIY skills are […]

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plan b

Whats your Plan b?

What’s your Plan B?  There is a lot of excitement about the gyms reopening on Monday (12th April 21)…. I think this is a good thing, it’s great for the fitness industry, and it’s another positive step towards things getting back to ‘normal’.  Whenever any business is allowed to reopen I am behind it 100%. However, […]

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The Tristan Buttle Podcast Episode 20 – Chatting to Jools O’Sullivan A.K.A Life & Fork Part 2!

Online nutritionist Jools O’Sullivan joins me for another chat! We dive into understanding what makes a healthy relationship with food and why our childhood can shape the decisions we make around food as adults. We also cover body image, hob nobs & burpees, the downsides of social media, the importance of gratitude, Pepsi max vs […]

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Rob Warburton

The Tristan Buttle Podcast -Episode 17 – The Return of Rob Warburton….

Rob Warburton returns! Competitive Powerlifter Rob Warburton joins me for a follow up from our previous podcast (episode 5) for a deeper dive into the importance of recovery. We chat all about rest days, how he de-loads, ‘gym maths’, and the true importance of sleep. We also discuss injury prevention, mobility, functionality, supplementation and bursting […]

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