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Smart Bar Salted Fudge Brownie

Smart Bar Salted Fudge Brownie

Smart Bar Salted Fudge Brownie   I received this cheeky recipe from PhD Nutrition & I can confirm that these brownies taste AMAZING! Ingredients: 200g dark chocolate 1 salted fudge brownie smart bar (check them out here). 50g unsalted butter 2 medium eggs 125g muscovado sugar 50g self-raising flour Yes, that’s a lot of calories, but it’s […]

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63 days

63 Days & Counting…

63 Days & Counting….. There are 63 days left until the end of this year… …63!! That’s it! It’s gone SUPER quick hasn’t it?! TOO quick! Before we know it we will be singing the ‘auld lang syne’ & ringing in 2019! Cast your mind back to January, how did you start 2018? Did you set any resolutions? Did […]

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Do The Hard Stuff

Do The Hard Stuff…

Do The Hard Stuff…. ✅In the gym. ✅Out of the gym. ✅In life. Doing the hard stuff is what makes us grow & develop in all areas of life. The hard stuff is also the most rewarding. There is no sense of achievement in completing any task that you KNOW you can easily do. Think […]

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creamy cajun chicken & rice

Creamy Cajun Chicken & Rice.

    Creamy Cajun Chicken & Rice. This is a very simple & tasty recipe I had recommended to me by a client. 500g sliced chicken breast 200-280g of microwave basmati rice 1 x chopped white onion 1 x chopped red pepper  1 x chopped yellow pepper 1 x chopped orange pepper 6 x laughing […]

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Chicken, Chorizo & Prawn Paella…

Chicken, Chorizo & Prawn Paella…This is a simple but REALLY tasty dish! Its a great option if you are looking at feeding the family or entertaining your mates… Ingredients/method: To serve 3-4 people: ✅70g chopped chorizo. ✅500g chopped chicken breast. ✅200g x frozen peeled prawns. ✅2 cloves of chopped garlic. ✅1 x chopped onion. ✅1 […]

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before and after

Andys Amazing 12 Week Transformation!

..he isn’t a bodybuilder, a cover model or an athlete, he is simply a normal guy wanting to be a better version of himself…. ☀️Andy is going on holiday tomorrow with his family to Turkey… 12 weeks ago, Andy decided he wanted to be leaner & feel better for his holiday, so our plan began….. […]

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steak flatbread

Steak & Greek Cheese Flatbread.

Steak & Greek Cheese Flatbread: This is VERY tasty and clocks in at under 500 calories!   Ingredients: ( for one person). 1 x 195g sirloin steak. 1 x white folded flatbread. 30g crumbled greek style cheese  Chopped cucumber. Chopped spinach. 2 x Chopped baby tomatoes. I got all of the above from Aldi and […]

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chicken sausage bagel

Chicken Sausage Bagel..

This is a VERY quick & easy snack idea….. Ingredients/method: 1 x Warburtons Bagel Thin. 2 x Aldi or Heck Chicken sausages. Grill the sausages, toast the bagel….simple! Macros per bagel & 2 grilled sausages: 234 calories 3.8g fat 26.1g carbs 24.7g protein. Enjoy! Tristan ‘quick & easy’ Buttle.  

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sausage sarnie

The 217 Kcal Sausage Sarnie!

Fancy a sausage sarnie without racking up the calories? Try this superb option… Ingredients/method: 2 xIceland Venison Sausages click here  1 xWarburtons Sandwich Thin. Simply grill the bangers, slice in half and whack them between the sandwich thin! EASY! Tristan ‘bangers’ Buttle. P.S.- Depending on what brand you use the exact calorie content may vary, […]

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Amys Slow Cooked Chicken.

Amy’s slow cooked chicken:Amy knocked this simple but really tasty dish up for us to try over the weekend, and we both loved it!   Ingredients/method: Chicken thighs. Chicken stock. Chopped onion. Chopper Peppers (green & red). Tinned tomato. Seasoned with Oregano,chilli seeds, ginger & garlic. All done in the slow cooker. SIMPLE! Tristan ‘slow […]

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