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I don’t like to deal in absolutes, but when it comes to achieving fat loss, YOU HAVE TO BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT. Put simply, you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming. So you either need to eat less or more or both! Weight Gain is caused by a (prolonged) caloric surplus. […]

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      Herbalife started many years ago, & was sold (quite literally) out the boot of a car by its founder Mark Hughes…… 💰By 1982 it had made 2 million dollars in Canada….. 💰By 1988 Herbalife had been introduced into Australia, the US & the UK…. 💰By 1996 Herbalife had made 1 billion dollars….. […]

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Mr. Cottingham…

I moved to Cottingham when I was 2, & I’ve lived here since… Over the years people have commented: ‘You love Cottingham ’… ‘If you leave Cottingham, you’ll get a nose bleed’… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Many people have also slagged the place off: claiming it’s backward, it’s boring, there’s nothing happening etc etc… I’m not saying Cottingham […]

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N.E.A.T- do you need to move more?

When it comes to fat loss, people often think about going to the gym & changing their diet, few look at their true overall activity levels………. ‍This is classed as N.E.A.T ‍N.E.A.T stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis…. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? This is a flashy way of describing & grouping all the energy that […]

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Get Out Of Your Head

Get Out Of Your Head…

One of the main reasons I like love training is that for that moment in time nothing else matters, other than the job in hand.  I am completely detached from everything. If you truly want to clear your own mind & momentarily escape any stress or worries you may have, adjusting your training can help. Done […]

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Is Sugar Your Enemy?

Sugar: is it your enemy? Every now and again, certain foods get demonised, and sugar has certainly had its fair share of hate over the years… Is sugar ‘bad’ for you?! Is it as addictive as crack?! Is sugar the responsible for our great nations obesity stats?! Ok, here we go, where to start…? Well, firstly, […]

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28 days of bread

28 days of bread….days 10-15

My 28 days of bread challenge is still going strong!  Rather than bore you to death, I thought I’d give you a snap shot of some of the bread based choices I’ve made between days 10-15. Ill be posting a update/review soon! Tristan ‘using my loaf’ Buttle.      

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It’s the little things…

    When it comes to making long term, sustainable lifestyle changes, introducing small tweaks that you CAN stick to is key…. 🍅For example, If you like a splodge of the red stuff, this is a really good swap for standard ketchup. 🍅There’s little difference in terms of flavour with the 50% reduced sugar version for a […]

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lean mince bolognese

Lean Mince Bolognese

If you are stuck for ideas, why not try this simple but tasty Lean Mince Bolognese?! Ingredients (Easily enough for 3 people): 500g lean (2%) steak mince. 1 chopped onion. 2 chopped carrots. 6 chopped sticks of celery. 300g sliced mushrooms of choice. 1 tbsp tomato purée 2 x 400g of chopped tomato. 500ml of chicken […]

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28 days of bread

28 days of bread….days 7-9.

Days 7-9 Cheeky Chicken Bagels 🍞👍🏻🍗 Just under 330kcals Tristan ‘day 9 & feeling good’ Buttle.  

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