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We are Puppy Parents!

  Amy & I have had a busy week…. last Sunday we became proud parents of Dexter!  Dexter is our 9 wk old cockapoo puppy!! He’s adorable and he’s already a huge part of our household!  It’s our first time as puppy parents, Amy has had the week off work and has already done a […]

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Stop writing yourself off!

    I see too many people allowing their age to stop them from doing what they truly want to do. When it comes to achieving your health & wellness goals,age is obviously a factor and does play a role in your training set up etc. However, you are NOT defined by your age. You do not […]

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Training arms & copying arnold…

    I haven’t done a barbell bicep curl in a LONG time! Barbell curls are in the category of exercises that I used to think I ‘HAD’ to do, alongside flat bench press, squats, & many other so called ‘staples’ (basically anything that Arnold did 😂). However, I now favour bicep exercises that fit […]

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Cottage Pie

Calorically Conscious Cottage Pie!

    Calorically conscious cottage pie (try saying that 5 times 😂). First time run at this, and it came out pretty good (Even if I do say so myself ha ha)! Ingredients: 1kcal spray  500g 5% lean mince beef 2 onions, finely chopped 3 carrots, chopped 3 celery sticks, chopped I squeeze of ‘easy’ garlic  […]

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Don’t look back unless it’s to see how far you have come…

Don’t look back unless it’s to see how far you have come… 📷I thought I’d share some older progress photos alongside my recent updates, but with some greater context. I’m not claiming I was ever massively overweight but it’s what you can’t see that makes a bigger difference to me: 1️⃣In October 2017, I finally […]

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Lynne is killing it!

I train a wide variety of age groups, ranging from 19-63, everybody is different & everyone’s goals vary. Lynne is 62 and her goal is to defy the frailty that can come with getting older. She’s doing things she’s never done before and is always up for the challenge!  One of the many reasons I […]

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Hunger Levels & Fat Loss: Grab An Easy Peeler!

  Hunger Levels &  Fat Loss: There are no magical foods that will automatically burn fat from your body (sadly). Fat loss is achieved by creating (and sticking to) a calorie deficit.  The is THE single most important factor when it comes to getting results.  Therefore structuring a plan that enables you to maintain this […]

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Feeling Fruity?

A quick one on Fruit: Carbs with only 1 unit of sugar are called ‘simple sugars’, but their formal name is ‘monosaccharide’ (it’s Greek ha). Fruit also falls into this category as Fructose. In my experience, fruit tends me either something people remove completely( often through fear of sugar content) or something that people overeat on, […]

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rest time

Rest time between sets.

  Every exercise in your program should have a prescribed rest time between sets for you to stick to. Taking the required rest time between sets allows your muscles to recover & replenish energy stores, it also allows you to mentally prepare for the following set. Timing your rest periods also keeps you present in […]

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2 Gold Medals!

2  GOLD MEDALS!! Working with para swimmer Owen Garsides is an absolute pleasure! Owen is very unassuming but very dedicated, and he’s a great example to us all how we shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of our goals!  A truly amazing effort! Well done Owen, I’m very proud of you 👍🏻 Thats all […]

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