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The Tristan Buttle Podcast

The Tristan Buttle Podcast – Episode 26 -Chatting to Jaz Naylor A.K.A Built Powerful…

In this episode I have the real pleasure of being joined by Jaz Naylor! Jaz is a local strength coach who focuses on empowering others through training & mindset. We dig into her background, how her philosophy around nutrition has changed, choosing performance over looks, social media choices, the importance of developing a long term […]

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Is your food boring & bland?

There’s still a HUGE misconception that you have to eat bland, boring & repetitive meals if you want achieve your goals! The reality is that don’t have to eat the exact same meals every single day!If you are looking for some inspiration/ideas I can highly recommend the Pinch of Nom recipe book! If you have […]

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Coffee & sleep…

Coffee culture has EXPLODED and become a social norm, with approximately 95 million cups of coffee been drank per day in the UK!

You probably know that caffeine is a drug and gives you a buzz, but how does it actually work?

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PhD Nutrition


Protein: It’s become a buzzword, its everywhere & it’s in everything. In all the hype it’s easy to forget why we actually need it: Protein is an ESSENTIAL macro nutrient that your body needs to maintain & repair body tissue/muscle mass, whilst keeping your skin, eyes, and organs all nice & healthy.  Practically speaking, Protein is also […]

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Unilateral Training

unilateral training…

Unilateral training: do you include it in your current routine? If not you could be missing out on the benefits of correcting muscle imbalances, whilst building a stronger core! What does it mean? Unilateral is a fancy name used to describe single arm or single leg exercises. What’s the point? We all tend to have […]

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3 days off social media…

I have just taken 3 days off : 3 days off from work…3 days off social media… Not a lot is it? But consider this: When was the last time YOU didn’t use social media at all for 3 full days? As a self employed person, it’s part of my job to post on here, […]

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Is it a ‘cheat’ meal?

To cheat is defined as: ‘Using unfair or deceitful methods’… ‘Unsporting, unprincipled, underhand’… ‘The action or state of being unfaithful’… Cheating in ANY area of your life is considered VERY bad, yet when it comes to food it’s thrown around very freely. Cheat meals are typically (not always) consumed at the weekend after ‘being good’ during the week. This […]

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Mondays….  Today is Monday, the start of new calendar week… Mondays are often a popular day for people who like to train. I have a lot of clients who love to train on Mondays because they feel it helps to anchor their behaviours & habits for the rest of the week. Training on a Monday […]

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Log Booking

Log booking & Life…

    I’m a big fan of log booking every workout… Your log book can be your friend, it can help keep you accountable to yourself, it can help keep you focused/on track, and it can help give you feedback if your progress starts to stall… However, in order to examine your numbers accurately you […]

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Don’t sweat about sweating…

    Sweating… It’s pretty common for people to feel self conscious about sweating during exercise. This is totally understandable, as sweating is an involuntary action controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which is the part of our nervous system over which we have zero control. We don’t consciously think to ourselves ‘this is tough, […]

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