Nutrition is a MASSIVE topic and probably THE most confusing topic when it comes to fat loss, so let’s get straight down to some basics, lets talk Calories.

In simple terms, Fat loss ultimately comes to down to creating a calorie deficit.

This is ESSENTIAL, please don’t let anybody tell you calories don’t count!

Too much of ANY food can result in weight gain.

A deficit can be achieved in a variety methods and no one approach suits everyone.

What I will say is that when it comes to a creating a calorie deficit, consider the following:

>What is the highest (not lowest) number of calories you can consume to achieve your goals? This will prevent you from starving yourself, setting unsustainable targets and prevent you from burning out and giving up on your goals… remember that by definition, calories are a unit of ENERGY.

>The biggest influencing factor on fat loss is the TOTAL amount of calories you consume on a continual basis, not the time of day that you consume your calories.

EG: let’s say you need to eat 2500 kcal, but you have a busy and it gets to 9pm and you still have 500 kcal left to consume, then eat!!

It’s the total figure that you hit by the end of the day that counts.

Start with the basics first, if you reading this and you are struggling with losing body fat, I suggest you start by logging your daily food intake, do this by downloading the myfitnesspal app on your phone.

It’s free, it’s simple and very user friendly.

Don’t worry about the targets the app sets you with, just use it as a log, this will help you to assess exactly where you are at with your intake.

It will also educate you as the true content of certain food choices!

I’m not saying that you need to log everything, every day for the rest of your life, but if what you are doing isn’t working, then perhaps it’s time to try something new?

That’s all for today, if you get stuck with anything, then give me shout,

Tristan ‘calories DO count’ Buttle

P.S – Give me a shout if you get stuck…………..

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