Carrot cake Calories!

I don’t eat much, I don’t know why I’m not losing weight’…… (in the case of this article it could be the carrot cake).

I hear the about statement quite often..

I always start by stating that calories DO count.

Whilst you may not be eating a large quantity or volume of food, perhaps the foods you are choosing are high calories choices, hence your weight/fat loss stalling?

I’ll give you a real life example, you pop to Costa for a coffee & are lured in by the carrot cake on show….

One slice will rack up 531 kcal..…(& it’s not going to leave you feeling full).

For that amount of calories you could eat a LOT more food! (The average chicken breast equates to 150kcal).

I’m not saying you need to live on chicken & broccoli, far from it…….

…….however if you are on a fat loss mission, then being conscious of your choices & the impact they make on your total calorie intake is essential to achieving your goals.

Thats all for today, until the next time…..

Tristan ‘I prefer a cheesecake’ Buttle.

p.s – if you are struggling to understand calories, give me a shout…


carrot cake

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