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This is Vicky…

This is Vicky… Vicky is 73 years young. We’ve been working together for just over a year now. When we first started Vicky really struggled to raise her arms above her head and was living in a lot of pain. She was very restricted in daily movements and simple day to day tasks like reaching […]

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Personal Training Gift Vouchers

Personal Training Vouchers Now Available!

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Do you want to help a loved one kickstart their New Years resolutions? This is the ideal gift for anyone who is new to the world of health & fitness… Or perhaps you know someone who is already a keen gym goer, but could do with some extra […]

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11kg weightloss

Lewis has lost 11kg!

This is Lewis and he has lost 11kg in the last 20 weeks! He’s stronger, more confident, and is doing things he’s never done before in the gym.  He doesn’t like to celebrate his success, I’m doing it for him!  Our approach to weight loss has been about creating a sustainable plan that has allowed […]

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That's Progress!

That’s Progress!

‘That’s Progress’! As a trainer this is something I often find myself saying to my clients throughout my day. I log everything single workout with every single client and we aim to make progress throughout our sessions together. Progression completely underpins my approach with all my clients. Simon noted this & kindly had these t-shirts […]

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3 Stone Weight Loss!

This is Steve & he has a lost a total of 3 STONE in the last 16 weeks! As a trainer I am supposed to be positive about my clients and say nice things, but I can honestly say that working with Steve is a true pleasure. He’s very consistent, he continually challenges himself, and […]

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This is Dave...

This is Dave…

This is Dave & he is 69 years young. When it comes to achieving your health & fitness, age is obviously a factor and it can play a role in your training set up. For example, we pay close attention to the loading of Dave’s joints, & we include a lot exercises that are based […]

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Josh has lost 43 pounds!

  Just over a year ago Josh decided that he had had enough.. He wasn’t happy with how he looked and how he felt. His weight had hit a high of 110.6 kg and was affecting his confidence, he watched a video of himself from a night out and simply did not like what he […]

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This is Steve….

  This is Steve, & he is an ex rugby player… He dedicated the majority of his younger days to the game, it was & always will be his true passion… Unfortunately, the game has left him with several injuries which can cause him limitation & pain in day to day life. The main problem […]

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JOSH HAS LOST 45 lbs!!!!

JOSH HAS LOST 45 lbs!!!! This year Josh decided he wanted to make some changes & lose weight…. These are his words & his results: “Posting this now as with the Christmas holidays coming up I’m unlikely to make anymore progress this year but I’m ok with that. You have to be able to enjoy yourself 🍻. January […]

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2 Gold Medals!

2  GOLD MEDALS!! Working with para swimmer Owen Garsides is an absolute pleasure! Owen is very unassuming but very dedicated, and he’s a great example to us all how we shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of our goals!  A truly amazing effort! Well done Owen, I’m very proud of you 👍🏻 Thats all […]

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