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Personal Training Gift Vouchers

Personal Training Vouchers Now Available!

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Do you want to help a loved one kickstart their New Years resolutions? This is the ideal gift for anyone who is new to the world of health & fitness… Or perhaps you know someone who is already a keen gym goer, but could do with some extra […]

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Are you Lazy?

The word ‘lazy’ is often misused… There’s a huge false belief that if somebody doesn’t train, or has stopped training, it’s because they are  ‘lazy’. Lazy to me means someone who just sits around doing nothing, laid on the sofa, all day everyday, basically somebody who lives like everyday is a hangover day. I don’t […]

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This is Dave...

This is Dave…

This is Dave & he is 69 years young. When it comes to achieving your health & fitness, age is obviously a factor and it can play a role in your training set up. For example, we pay close attention to the loading of Dave’s joints, & we include a lot exercises that are based […]

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We are parents!

Amy & I would like to introduce you to Matilda Grace Buttle. Born Sunday February 5th, 5:38pm, weighing 8 pounds 7 oz. It’s impossible to put everything into words, but I’ve never had more love and more pride than I do right now. I am back to business in the HQ this week after taking […]

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New Years resolutions 2022: a quick guide to doing it right. 

New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right.  Chances are that you have started to think about your new year resolutions?  Here are 15 simple tips to help you out for 2022: 1. Set REALISTIC goals… if you are new to training or looking to resume after a long time off, then going from nothing […]

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The name’s Buttle…Tristan Buttle.

I had a great time watching Bond last night!  I love the escapism of going to the cinema: No phones.No pausing or rewinding.If you go for a wee you miss something. It’s a welcome break from the outside world for a few hours. 👍🏻 No Time To Die is 2 hrs 43mins, when was the […]

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Coffee & sleep…

Coffee culture has EXPLODED and become a social norm, with approximately 95 million cups of coffee been drank per day in the UK!

You probably know that caffeine is a drug and gives you a buzz, but how does it actually work?

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Log Booking

Log booking & Life…

    I’m a big fan of log booking every workout… Your log book can be your friend, it can help keep you accountable to yourself, it can help keep you focused/on track, and it can help give you feedback if your progress starts to stall… However, in order to examine your numbers accurately you […]

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Don’t sweat about sweating…

    Sweating… It’s pretty common for people to feel self conscious about sweating during exercise. This is totally understandable, as sweating is an involuntary action controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which is the part of our nervous system over which we have zero control. We don’t consciously think to ourselves ‘this is tough, […]

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Rucking: Rucking is an extremely simple method of training. Get a rucksack, add weight, bang the rucksack on your back & get walking! There are many different approaches & methods, but I  advise starting with around 5% of your bodyweight & progressing up to around 20%. I would start with an simple 20 min ruck […]

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