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Are you lazy?

    The word ‘lazy’ is often misused and misrepresented………… There’s a huge misbelief that if somebody doesn’t train, or has stopped training it’s because they are simply ‘lazy’. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word lazy, I’m imagining someone who does nothing…….. I’m talking just sits around doing nothing,…..laid […]

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Struggling with your sleep? Read this…..

  I’ve had lots of sleepless nights over the years….when it comes to sleep disruption, I’ve been there……. …….take a naturally overactive mind, a tendency for a high caffeine intake, add in all the stress/worry/fears that come with age (it happens) and I have a recipe that will keep me up all night, if I […]

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Don’t sweat about sweating……

    Sweating…I encounter many people who I feel are scared or embarrassed to sweat when exercising. This is totally understandable, as sweating is an involuntary action controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which is basically the part of our nervous system over which we have no control. We don’t consciously think to ourselves ‘this […]

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I stopped going to McDonald’s after the gym…….

I stopped going to McDonald’s after the gym, that’s what she told me……. ………..seriously. Last year I was working with a girl called Sarah & her goal was to change her body shape, lose fat, & get her confidence back… After deciding & planning what was the best route for her to tackle with her […]

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Coconut oil

Do you need to worry about coconut oil?

      ‘Don’t worry about it’…….……….that’s what I told her. It  was my reply to a question about coconut oil & its health properties….now before we go any further, let me explain myself……… I see many people (too many people in fact) sweating over what I consider to be the small stuff…. >Should I use […]

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Back to the future day

Back to the future day…….

  October 21st 2015, also known as Back To The Future Day.. This is especially true if you are a child of the eighties, like myself. Back To The Future 2 originally came out in 1989…. Yep, sorry to make anyone feel old, ha, it’s true…. When it first came out at the cinema, it […]

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What can you do

What action can you take today?

What action can you take today? I am going to get straight to the point today, because I want to keep this quick and I know you are busy….. I want you to ask yourself what action can you take to bring yourself just one small step closer to your goals. Not tomorrow… Not Monday…. […]

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Daily step count

What is your daily step count?

Do you need to move more? What is your daily step count? How can you do more to achieve your goals without going to the gym even more than you are doing?! When it comes to fat loss, most people consider that they need to exercise and look at making dietary changes, but few look […]

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morning cardio

She ignored me at first……..

Whenever I feel I need to get leaner I simply start by increasing my activity levels, I often include walks as my morning cardio before breakfast into my daily routine… I simply get up, quick shower, black coffee, grab my water bottle and go for a stroll….. typically just around the block, lasting between 20-30 minutes… […]

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Mountain biking

I looked like I was wearing a nappy…..

Earlier this year I had a week in the Lake District with my girlfriend and her family friends, we had an amazing time and I would recommend it to anyone! A week of mountain biking, walking, hiking, relaxing & chilling with one of my favourite people was exactly what I needed. Part of the trip […]

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