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TBHQ is ready for business! It’s been a long couple of weeks, but we did it!  I say ‘we’ because I’ve been extremely lucky to have some amazing people help make this happen! Ck Paving did a truly AMAZING job of totally transforming our garden! Their service & standard of work is superb.  My DIY skills are […]

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plan b

Whats your Plan b?

What’s your Plan B?  There is a lot of excitement about the gyms reopening on Monday (12th April 21)…. I think this is a good thing, it’s great for the fitness industry, and it’s another positive step towards things getting back to ‘normal’.  Whenever any business is allowed to reopen I am behind it 100%. However, […]

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The Tristan Buttle Podcast

The Tristan Buttle Podcast Episode 8 – The Lockdown Special with Josh Beet…

Episode 8 is now LIVE! Josh Beet & I follow up our previous podcast with a Lockdown Special! We chat about communicating with clients during the crisis, the 4 pillars of fitness, what people are truly missing about the gym, why having the right environment is essential for home & why the lockdown is either […]

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(Try to) Remove your emotion…

(Try to) Remove your emotion: In order to adjust to training at home, my advice to you is to try remove your emotional attachment to the gym. If you asked me how I feel about the gym, I would naturally reply: ‘I love it’! That is a powerful emotion! Theres not many things that we […]

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The NEED for a plan b…

You NEED a plan b… In my experience I would say the average person (I’m talking general population here) typically sets a target of exercising 3 x per week. Whether that’s gym sessions or classes or a combination of both. However, life often gets in the way(work, kids, long days, meetings, the list goes on..…) […]

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2020: Half of this year has GONE!

It really hit me this week that we are already halfway through 2020! If you cast your mind back to January you probably started the year by focusing on your goals?  No doubt you had things you wanted to work on & things you wanted to achieve? Then the lockdown came around in March to disrupt […]

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Motivation: Are you ‘motivated’?

Motivation: Are you ‘motivated’? Motivation: This word is thrown around social media, often with very little thought or context. The actual definition is simple: ‘the reason why somebody does something or behaves in a particular way’. However, the fitness industry will often lead you to believe if you lack motivation it’s because ‘you don’t want it enough’.  […]

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Struggling to find the motivation to train at home?

Struggling to find the motivation to train at home? Here’s 10 quick tips: Have a plan, don’t wing it or make it up on the day. Make an appointment with yourself. Schedule a training time, it doesn’t have to be the same time every day, but booking a time will help. Set a designated place/area […]

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15 things I’ll never do as fitness professional using Social Media...

15 things I’ll never do as fitness professional using Social Media…

15 things I’ll never do as fitness professional using Social Media: 1)Wear GymShark.. 2)Wear a stringer vest, or anything that shows my nipples or ‘side boob’.3)Start a video with the introduction ‘Hi guys, I just wanted to jump on here real quick to tell you all about’…… blah, blah, blah.. 4)Become a ‘brand ambassador‘ for […]

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