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2020: Half of this year has GONE!

It really hit me this week that we are already halfway through 2020! If you cast your mind back to January you probably started the year by focusing on your goals?  No doubt you had things you wanted to work on & things you wanted to achieve? Then the lockdown came around in March to disrupt […]

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Motivation: Are you ‘motivated’?

Motivation: Are you ‘motivated’? Motivation: This word is thrown around social media, often with very little thought or context. The actual definition is simple: ‘the reason why somebody does something or behaves in a particular way’. However, the fitness industry will often lead you to believe if you lack motivation it’s because ‘you don’t want it enough’.  […]

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Struggling to find the motivation to train at home?

Struggling to find the motivation to train at home? Here’s 10 quick tips: Have a plan, don’t wing it or make it up on the day. Make an appointment with yourself. Schedule a training time, it doesn’t have to be the same time every day, but booking a time will help. Set a designated place/area […]

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15 things I’ll never do as fitness professional using Social Media...

15 things I’ll never do as fitness professional using Social Media…

15 things I’ll never do as fitness professional using Social Media: 1)Wear GymShark.. 2)Wear a stringer vest, or anything that shows my nipples or ‘side boob’.3)Start a video with the introduction ‘Hi guys, I just wanted to jump on here real quick to tell you all about’…… blah, blah, blah.. 4)Become a ‘brand ambassador‘ for […]

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The Lockdown Survival Podcast Episode 7 – Listen now!

I just wanted to let you know that episode 7 of the Lockdown Survival Podcast is now live! Ana & I discuss how to make lasting changes that you CAN stick to! So, if you are sick of always ‘starting the diet again on Monday‘ this is the podcast for YOU! To have a listen click this LINK. Thats all […]

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Lockdown Survival Podcast

The Lockdown Survival Podcast Episode 5 – Listen now!

  Ana & I had a great time yesterday recording episode 5 of the Lockdown Survival Podcast! This time round we discussed what is the best diet for YOU during the lockdown? To find out and have a listen to the full episode click this LINK. Thats all for today, have a good day, have a good home workout, […]

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Lockdown Lean Program

Lockdown Lean Program!

LOCKDOWN LEAN PROGRAM! Are you fed up, frustrated & bored? Have you lost your direction & control since the lockdown? Are you fridge raiding & comfort eating? Have you had enough of your tired home workouts? Despite having load of things you ‘could’ be doing, you cant be arsed? I get it, I understand, I’ve […]

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Lockdown Survival Guide

The Lockdown Survival Podcast Episode 4 – Listen now!

In episode 4 of The Lockdown Survival Podcast Ana & chat about all things calorie related! We discuss energy balance, why you may be setting yourself up for failure, how to become calorically aware, but not obsessed, the ‘tic tac’ diet, why I can’t be left near cheese and much more! We hope you enjoy! […]

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He’s already lost 3 stone….

  He’s already lost 3 stone….. I can talk and type forever, so today Id like to share some words from Josh who is a client/friend of mine: ‘Just for starters I got in touch with Tristan early part of 2019, as I wasn’t happy with how I looked. Over the course of 2019, his […]

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Find your outlet…

Find your outlet… In a world of uncertainty, the only thing you can control are your actions. Easier said than done, I get it, & I have those days myself… I get frustrated & fed up, it’s ok to feel like this… it’s TOTALLY normal! Training to me has always been an outlet, a time […]

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