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Plan B

You NEED a Plan B….

Are you a busy adult/parent? If so, when it comes to training, you NEED a Plan B. The average person (I’m talking general population here) typically sets a target of exercising 3 x per week Whether that’s gym sessions or classes or a combination of both. However, life often gets in the way(work, kids, long […]

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Personal Training Gift Vouchers

Personal Training Vouchers Now Available!

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Do you want to help a loved one kickstart their New Years resolutions? This is the ideal gift for anyone who is new to the world of health & fitness… Or perhaps you know someone who is already a keen gym goer, but could do with some extra […]

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That's Progress!

That’s Progress!

‘That’s Progress’! As a trainer this is something I often find myself saying to my clients throughout my day. I log everything single workout with every single client and we aim to make progress throughout our sessions together. Progression completely underpins my approach with all my clients. Simon noted this & kindly had these t-shirts […]

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I wanted to be Arnold…

Arnold was my child hood hero! The 80’s was my era as a kid/young teenager, it was THE golden age of all action movies, & I grew up watching Schwarzenegger, Stallone, & Van Damme all doing their thing. Commando, Rambo, Terminator, Rocky, Predator, The Running Man, Over the Top, Cobra & Bloodsport….I watched them all […]

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I don’t ‘have’ to do this…

I don’t ‘have’ to do this, I ‘get’ to do this… Chances are if you are reading this you are luckier than you think. You are able bodied. You are able minded. You may have injuries, limitations & you may have mental struggles & battles, but the chances are you DO have exercise/training options. Sadly, […]

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Are you inspired?

The 80’s was my era as a kid, it was the golden age of ALL action movies, & I grew up watching Schwarzenegger & Stallone doing their thing. Rocky, Rambo, Terminator, Commando Predator, The Running Man… the list goes on! Like most of my mates at the time, I actually wanted to be Arnold/ Sly…I […]

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You have a choice…

‘Monday motivation’ is not something I generally buy into… Instead , I’d like to offer a slightly different perspective… If you are reading this & you are able bodied/able minded the reality is you are fortunate. I fully appreciate that physical injury and/or being in a bad place mentally can stand in the way of […]

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When did everything change?! When did going for a walk become ‘getting your steps in’ ? When did having your breakfast become ‘meal one about to go down’? When did going to the gym become ‘hi guys we are in for pull rotation 2b today’? When did not eating foods that make you feel shit […]

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3 days off social media…

I have just taken 3 days off : 3 days off from work…3 days off social media… Not a lot is it? But consider this: When was the last time YOU didn’t use social media at all for 3 full days? As a self employed person, it’s part of my job to post on here, […]

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Mondays….  Today is Monday, the start of new calendar week… Mondays are often a popular day for people who like to train. I have a lot of clients who love to train on Mondays because they feel it helps to anchor their behaviours & habits for the rest of the week. Training on a Monday […]

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