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Do The Hard Stuff

Do The Hard Stuff…

Do The Hard Stuff…. ✅In the gym. ✅Out of the gym. ✅In life. Doing the hard stuff is what makes us grow & develop in all areas of life. The hard stuff is also the most rewarding. There is no sense of achievement in completing any task that you KNOW you can easily do. Think […]

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Random act of kindness

Random Act Of Kindness…

6 weeks ago, Steve contacted me as he wanted to revise his approach to training. Steve is an ex rugby player. His true passion for rugby was clear within 5 minutes of meeting him! Unfortunately the game had left him with several injuries which had caused limitations & pain in his current day training. The […]

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do the hard stuff

Do The Hard Stuff…

Do the hard stuff: . I often talk about the importance of challenging yourself in the gym by doing the ‘hard stuff’. . By this, I am referring to the exercises that place the biggest demand on your body. Eg. A rack pull, pulldown or pull up variation will always be more taxing on your […]

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love island

Love Island – do you watch it?

  Love Island – do you watch it? As you probably know, the new series started recently…. It’s not really my thing (honest )….but as Amy is into it, its ‘on in my presence’ most evenings and probably will be for the foreseeable future every night at 9pm… Anyway, the ‘Love Island’ thing got me thinking, […]

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Birthday cake

Is Birthday Cake ‘bad’ for you?

Is Birthday Cake ‘bad’?  Consider this: would anyone judge you for having cake on your birthday?     🎂It’s a given isn’t it? Birthday & cake, hand in hand, totally normal. ❌It’s not deemed a ‘bad’ thing. It’s also totally normal to join in & eat cake when you are celebrating a friend/loved ones bday. […]

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Deadpool: a quick life lesson…

DeadPool: a quick life lesson…   I rewatched Deadpool last night in prep for the sequel…. As I’m a bit of a nerd, I watched the extras which detail the make up process that Ryan Reynolds had to go through to on a daily basis to become Deadpool…   😱The prosthetics for his face alone […]

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Self sabotage

Self Sabotage – Are you getting in your own way?

Self Sabotage: Have you ever dropped your phone and cracked or damaged the screen? You know those moments when it seems to happen in slow motion, your phone lands face down and you are almost scared to turn it over to see the damage?   Let’s say the screen was cracked, would you then smash […]

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Are the scales making you miserable?

  Are the scales making you miserable? My goal is currently fatloss, & I have been weighing myself fortnightly: Sunday morning, no food, no clothes & after having a pee.. This gives me control over the variables… Or so I thought… This morning I weighed in at 104kg( this is up from 2 weeks ago, […]

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All you have is NOW…

  All you have is NOW… Do you have a goal? Could be in the gym or out of the gym? What do you TRULY want to achieve? Are you guilty of having a ‘someday’ approach to your goals? I get it, we ALL do this… ‘I’ll quit my job SOMEDAY’… ‘I’ll lose weight SOMEDAY’… […]

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Perfection does not exist..

A very simple key to achieve success in any area of your life is to simply do the things you said you would do………. However, all too often we are all guilty of waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment or the ‘perfect’ opportunity, ideally all done at the ‘perfect’ time…. This is why the new diet […]

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