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Understanding Carbs Part 1 – Simple carbs

Firstly, if you are reading this for the first time, I would suggest reading my quick post about macros by clicking HERE as it will help give a quick insight before diving into carbs. Every now and again, certain foods get demonised in the world of nutrition and health, and carbs have definitely had their […]

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Understanding ‘macros’…

If you are confused about calories give me a shout. For more nutritional blogs/information click HERE. Tristan ‘macro machine’ Buttle.

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Slimming world…

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Eating breakfast, fasting and steps…

1) ‘Do I have to eat breakfast’? No, it’s not the ‘most important meal of the day’, and you don’t HAVE to eat breakfast & it absolutely doesn’t ‘speed up your metabolism’. Likewise, if by skipping breakfast you are raiding the vending machine/canteen by 10am (and as a result you over-consume in total calories) having […]

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Is your food boring & bland?

There’s still a HUGE misconception that you have to eat bland, boring & repetitive meals if you want achieve your goals! The reality is that don’t have to eat the exact same meals every single day!If you are looking for some inspiration/ideas I can highly recommend the Pinch of Nom recipe book! If you have […]

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PhD Nutrition


Protein: It’s become a buzzword, its everywhere & it’s in everything. In all the hype it’s easy to forget why we actually need it: Protein is an ESSENTIAL macro nutrient that your body needs to maintain & repair body tissue/muscle mass, whilst keeping your skin, eyes, and organs all nice & healthy.  Practically speaking, Protein is also […]

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Is it a ‘cheat’ meal?

To cheat is defined as: ‘Using unfair or deceitful methods’… ‘Unsporting, unprincipled, underhand’… ‘The action or state of being unfaithful’… Cheating in ANY area of your life is considered VERY bad, yet when it comes to food it’s thrown around very freely. Cheat meals are typically (not always) consumed at the weekend after ‘being good’ during the week. This […]

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TBHQ is ready for business! It’s been a long couple of weeks, but we did it!  I say ‘we’ because I’ve been extremely lucky to have some amazing people help make this happen! Ck Paving did a truly AMAZING job of totally transforming our garden! Their service & standard of work is superb.  My DIY skills are […]

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