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Are you confused about carbs? PART 3: Complex carbs When these carbs are made up of 2 or more units of sugar their funky name is ‘polysaccharides’, when these carbs have 3 to 10 units of sugar they can be called ‘oligosaccharides’. Common day to day examples of complex carbs include: porridge oats, rice, pasta, […]

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simple sugars

Are you confused about carbs? PART 2: Simple Sugars.

Are you confused about carbs? PART 2: Simple sugars. 🍬Carbs with 2 units of sugar are called double sugar (no surprises there) with the fancy name of ‘disaccharide’. 🍬Common day to day examples of simple carbs include sweets, cereals (coco pops etc) cakes, Lucozade and other energy drinks. 🍌Simple sugars are often linked to the […]

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Are you confused about carbs?: PART 1

  Are you confused about carbs? PART 1 Carbs often get a LOT of bad press when it comes to fat loss! ❌Every now and again, something or someone gets demonised in the world of nutrition & health, & carbs have certainly had their fair share of hate over the years! ✅I’d like to help […]

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New Years resolutions

New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right.

New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right. It’s that time of year when you start to think more & more about your resolutions.. Christmas has been & gone and many of you will be starting 2020 by hitting the gym to beat that festive bloat & to kickstart the ‘new you’…. Here […]

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Hunger Levels & Fat Loss: Grab An Easy Peeler!

  Hunger Levels &  Fat Loss: There are no magical foods that will automatically burn fat from your body (sadly). Fat loss is achieved by creating (and sticking to) a calorie deficit.  The is THE single most important factor when it comes to getting results.  Therefore structuring a plan that enables you to maintain this […]

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Feeling Fruity?

A quick one on Fruit: Carbs with only 1 unit of sugar are called ‘simple sugars’, but their formal name is ‘monosaccharide’ (it’s Greek ha). Fruit also falls into this category as Fructose. In my experience, fruit tends me either something people remove completely( often through fear of sugar content) or something that people overeat on, […]

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You can eat chocolate and still make progress!

If you want to enjoy a bit of Chocolate without hammering the calories this quick selection from Cadburys might help. Looking to permanently remove any food choice from your diet for the rest of your life is not only unnecessary, it’s also completely unsustainable. Yes you can eat chocolate and still make progress, you just […]

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I don’t like to deal in absolutes, but when it comes to achieving fat loss, YOU HAVE TO BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT. Put simply, you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming. So you either need to eat less or more or both! Weight Gain is caused by a (prolonged) caloric surplus. […]

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      Herbalife started many years ago, & was sold (quite literally) out the boot of a car by its founder Mark Hughes…… 💰By 1982 it had made 2 million dollars in Canada….. 💰By 1988 Herbalife had been introduced into Australia, the US & the UK…. 💰By 1996 Herbalife had made 1 billion dollars….. […]

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Is Sugar Your Enemy?

Sugar: is it your enemy? Every now and again, certain foods get demonised, and sugar has certainly had its fair share of hate over the years… Is sugar ‘bad’ for you?! Is it as addictive as crack?! Is sugar the responsible for our great nations obesity stats?! Ok, here we go, where to start…? Well, firstly, […]

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