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Personal Training Gift Vouchers

Personal Training Vouchers Now Available!

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Do you want to help a loved one kickstart their New Years resolutions? This is the ideal gift for anyone who is new to the world of health & fitness… Or perhaps you know someone who is already a keen gym goer, but could do with some extra […]

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This is Dave...

This is Dave…

This is Dave & he is 69 years young. When it comes to achieving your health & fitness, age is obviously a factor and it can play a role in your training set up. For example, we pay close attention to the loading of Dave’s joints, & we include a lot exercises that are based […]

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Exercise is shit for weight loss…

Fat loss is achieved by managing your energy balance & creating a realistic/sustainable calorie deficit. The reality is that you can train as hard as you want, as often as you want, but if you are consuming too many calories, you will NOT lose weight. Put simply, you need to be burning more calories than you are […]

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you are not a bodybuilder

You are not a bodybuilder…

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are not a bodybuilder? So why are you trying to train & eat like one? Why try to copy a routine from a pro level bodybuilder when all you want to do is feel better, lose some fat and perhaps build a bit of muscle? Bodybuilders are […]

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What is PRIME?!

The world has recently gone absolutely MAD over Prime drinks! These drinks are sold out online & they are currently reselling on eBay for anywhere u to £20 each (RRP is around £2.50)! Sainsbury’s announced they now have them in stock this week, I happened to be in there (buying milk not Prime), and it […]

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simple carbs

Understanding Carbs Part 1 – Simple carbs

Firstly, if you are reading this for the first time, I would suggest reading my quick post about macros by clicking HERE as it will help give a quick insight before diving into carbs. Every now and again, certain foods get demonised in the world of nutrition and health, and carbs have definitely had their […]

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Understanding ‘macros’…

If you are confused about calories give me a shout. For more nutritional blogs/information click HERE. Tristan ‘macro machine’ Buttle.

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slimming world free foods

Slimming world…

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Eating breakfast, fasting and steps…

1) ‘Do I have to eat breakfast’? No, it’s not the ‘most important meal of the day’, and you don’t HAVE to eat breakfast & it absolutely doesn’t ‘speed up your metabolism’. Likewise, if by skipping breakfast you are raiding the vending machine/canteen by 10am (and as a result you over-consume in total calories) having […]

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