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Smart Bar Salted Fudge Brownie

Smart Bar Salted Fudge Brownie

Smart Bar Salted Fudge Brownie   I received this cheeky recipe from PhD Nutrition & I can confirm that these brownies taste AMAZING! Ingredients: 200g dark chocolate 1 salted fudge brownie smart bar (check them out here). 50g unsalted butter 2 medium eggs 125g muscovado sugar 50g self-raising flour Yes, that’s a lot of calories, but it’s […]

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creamy cajun chicken & rice

Creamy Cajun Chicken & Rice.

    Creamy Cajun Chicken & Rice. This is a very simple & tasty recipe I had recommended to me by a client. 500g sliced chicken breast 200-280g of microwave basmati rice 1 x chopped white onion 1 x chopped red pepper  1 x chopped yellow pepper 1 x chopped orange pepper 6 x laughing […]

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Chicken, Chorizo & Prawn Paella…

Chicken, Chorizo & Prawn Paella…This is a simple but REALLY tasty dish! Its a great option if you are looking at feeding the family or entertaining your mates… Ingredients/method: To serve 3-4 people: ✅70g chopped chorizo. ✅500g chopped chicken breast. ✅200g x frozen peeled prawns. ✅2 cloves of chopped garlic. ✅1 x chopped onion. ✅1 […]

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steak flatbread

Steak & Greek Cheese Flatbread.

Steak & Greek Cheese Flatbread: This is VERY tasty and clocks in at under 500 calories!   Ingredients: ( for one person). 1 x 195g sirloin steak. 1 x white folded flatbread. 30g crumbled greek style cheese  Chopped cucumber. Chopped spinach. 2 x Chopped baby tomatoes. I got all of the above from Aldi and […]

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chicken sausage bagel

Chicken Sausage Bagel..

This is a VERY quick & easy snack idea….. Ingredients/method: 1 x Warburtons Bagel Thin. 2 x Aldi or Heck Chicken sausages. Grill the sausages, toast the bagel….simple! Macros per bagel & 2 grilled sausages: 234 calories 3.8g fat 26.1g carbs 24.7g protein. Enjoy! Tristan ‘quick & easy’ Buttle.  

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sausage sarnie

The 217 Kcal Sausage Sarnie!

Fancy a sausage sarnie without racking up the calories? Try this superb option… Ingredients/method: 2 xIceland Venison Sausages click here  1 xWarburtons Sandwich Thin. Simply grill the bangers, slice in half and whack them between the sandwich thin! EASY! Tristan ‘bangers’ Buttle. P.S.- Depending on what brand you use the exact calorie content may vary, […]

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Amys Slow Cooked Chicken.

Amy’s slow cooked chicken:Amy knocked this simple but really tasty dish up for us to try over the weekend, and we both loved it!   Ingredients/method: Chicken thighs. Chicken stock. Chopped onion. Chopper Peppers (green & red). Tinned tomato. Seasoned with Oregano,chilli seeds, ginger & garlic. All done in the slow cooker. SIMPLE! Tristan ‘slow […]

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Quick & Easy Meatballs.

Quick & Easy meatballs, this is THE Easiest recipe EVER! Ingredients: (To make 6 meatballs). 500g x Lean 2% mince. 2 x egg. 1 x Packet of old El Paso smoky bbq seasoning. 50g x Dry measured Oats. Pink salt. . Method: Mix all the ingredients in a bowl & divide into 6 balls. Bang […]

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Sweet Potato, Bacon & Feta Frittata.

Sweet Potato, Bacon & Feta Frittata… This recipe is a personal fav of mine & works well served either hot or cold, its also a very simple recipe( if I can do it, anyone can 😂): Ingredients: (serves 3 people or 2 hungry people). 500g x Sweet Potato – chopped. 10 x Bacon Medallions. I x […]

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Simple Salmon

Simple Salmon & Cous Cous.

Simple Salmon & Cous Cous: a VERY simple & VERY quick yet satisfying meal:   Ingredients:(for one person). 100g Cous Cous Salmon Fillet 100g Asparagus 100g Baby Plum Tomatoes Pink Salt Light Soy Sauce   Method: Weigh out 100g couscous into a bowl & pour over boiled water. Cover & leave for 5mins. Bang a […]

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