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Personal Training Gift Vouchers

Personal Training Vouchers Now Available!

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Do you want to help a loved one kickstart their New Years resolutions? This is the ideal gift for anyone who is new to the world of health & fitness… Or perhaps you know someone who is already a keen gym goer, but could do with some extra […]

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What is PRIME?!

The world has recently gone absolutely MAD over Prime drinks! These drinks are sold out online & they are currently reselling on eBay for anywhere u to £20 each (RRP is around £2.50)! Sainsbury’s announced they now have them in stock this week, I happened to be in there (buying milk not Prime), and it […]

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PhD Nutrition


Protein: It’s become a buzzword, its everywhere & it’s in everything. In all the hype it’s easy to forget why we actually need it: Protein is an ESSENTIAL macro nutrient that your body needs to maintain & repair body tissue/muscle mass, whilst keeping your skin, eyes, and organs all nice & healthy.  Practically speaking, Protein is also […]

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    Since launching my CBD range, I’ve had LOTS of questions: What actually is CBD? CBD is short cannabidiol and is an entirely organic cannabis compound that is extracted from hemp. Does that mean its going to get you high?! NO! CBD will NOT get you high (no matter how much you take) as […]

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      CBD PRE ORDER- AVAILABLE NOW! Over my 20 years of working in the fitness industry I’ve been approached by LOTS of supplement companies to help endorse/sell various products and I have NEVER affiliated myself to anyone or anything…why? Simply because I have never had a desire to push a product that I […]

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CBD – What is it all about?

CBD what is it all about? I have been trialling CBD oral drops for the last 2 months, mainly to see if it helped with my sleep & general recovery from training. I’ll start by saying that any supplement is only as good as the lifestyle choices that surround, by definition a supplement is ‘a […]

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Be careful that your trainer isn’t just selling you supplements to ‘supplement’ their income!  Before you consider taking ANY supplements, nail the basics first: 1️⃣ Total Caloric Intake: THE single most important factor in achieving fat loss, if you are overeating, you will NOT lose body fat! 2️⃣ Macronutrient Ratio: Adjusting the ratios of protein, […]

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I don’t like to deal in absolutes, but when it comes to achieving fat loss, YOU HAVE TO BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT. Put simply, you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming. So you either need to eat less or more or both! Weight Gain is caused by a (prolonged) caloric surplus. […]

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      Herbalife started many years ago, & was sold (quite literally) out the boot of a car by its founder Mark Hughes…… 💰By 1982 it had made 2 million dollars in Canada….. 💰By 1988 Herbalife had been introduced into Australia, the US & the UK…. 💰By 1996 Herbalife had made 1 billion dollars….. […]

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