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Silly Season

Silly Season Survival Guide

Christmas aka Silly Season is around the corner, so here are 10 quick tips for you to check out: My main tip for this festive season is to enjoy yourself!! Spend time as much with your friends & loved ones as you can! Having a laugh is what Christmas is ALL about! DO NOT TRACK […]

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New Years resolutions

New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right……

New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right…. It’s that time of year when you begin to think more & more about your resolutions.. Christmas has been & gone and many of you will be starting 2018 by hitting the gym to beat that festive bloat & to kickstart the new you…. I […]

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You don’t take steroids do you?

        A simple trip to the docs last year, as I wasn’t feeling myself resulted in a steroid concern…… You know when you just feel a bit off and something isn’t quite right? So I made an appointment to see my local GP….Anyway, this blog isn’t really about how I feel, I’m […]

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Supplements: are you wasting your cash?

When it comes to supplements, the industry is truly MASSIVE, you name it, there’s a supplement for it……… It can all get very confusing, and understanding supplements is made increasingly difficult by public perception and branding. For example, if you were to ask the average person what they think of protein shakes, a typical response […]

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