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Ladies, Do you want to work on your bum, legs & bingo wings?!

What is the B.L.B Program? This program is specifically designed for women who wish to focus on their: Bum, Legs & Bingo Wings! You will be guided by myself through 5x 1 hour personal training sessions, all performed at my private 1-2-1 gym -TBHQ! Each of these sessions will cater to you as an individual: […]

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Log Booking

Log booking & Life…

    I’m a big fan of log booking every workout… Your log book can be your friend, it can help keep you accountable to yourself, it can help keep you focused/on track, and it can help give you feedback if your progress starts to stall… However, in order to examine your numbers accurately you […]

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A quick bit about me….

A quick bit about me…. I’m 43, I live in Cottingham with my girlfriend Amy, Dexter (our mental but lovable cockapoo) & Smokey (our disapproving, but lovable cat). I’ve had many ups, downs, highs, lows & everything in between in my life and it wasn’t until meeting Amy that I found true happiness & contentment. […]

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TBHQ is ready for business! It’s been a long couple of weeks, but we did it!  I say ‘we’ because I’ve been extremely lucky to have some amazing people help make this happen! Ck Paving did a truly AMAZING job of totally transforming our garden! Their service & standard of work is superb.  My DIY skills are […]

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