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Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands: A Quick Rundown…

Resistance Bands: A Quick Rundown… The use of Resistance Bands has recently EXPLODED & the world has quickly become full of what I call MIU style training (MAKE IT UP 😂). I don’t believe in re inventing the wheel or making an exercise ‘different’ just for the sake of it, but we are living in challenging times in terms of […]

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The easiest way to increase your home workout intensity?

Time your rest periods accurately. Timing your rest periods will keep you present in your workout & focused on the task in hand. Chances are you don’t have enough weight at home to be doing any 5-9 rep work, so keep your rest times between 30-90 secs for any sets between 12-30 reps & challenge […]

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Jumping around on your living room floor…

We’ve had a little bit of time to adjust to isolation haven’t we?  We’ve had a bit of time to get our heads round the fact that the gym is NOT an option, & if we want to train we HAVE to do it at home… This period of adjustment has been a bit like joining a new gym: […]

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Are you ‘working out’ or ‘training’?

The reality is that home workout options have been around for decades! This is nothing new.. However,there is a huge difference between a ‘workout’ & ‘training’. Workouts are a generic bout of exercise with the overall goal of movement/physical exertion. Training is designed to achieve specific goals & is based around individual programming. Training has […]

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TRAINING AT HOME:VOLUME 1. AVAILABLE NOW! This is not a generic one off ‘one size fits all’ program, it’s about giving you the tools to create your own home workouts! We are facing challenging times, but this guide is very much based around what you CAN do…with some thought & creativity you can still get […]

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This is Steve….

  This is Steve, & he is an ex rugby player… He dedicated the majority of his younger days to the game, it was & always will be his true passion… Unfortunately, the game has left him with several injuries which can cause him limitation & pain in day to day life. The main problem […]

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A recent study showed that only 8% of people achieve their new year resolutions, the remaining 92% FAILED! The reality is that without structure, & without consistent & progressive action, you will also FAIL. Please don’t be a 92%er! Don’t start the ‘New Year, New You’ by doing what you have always done. Embrace change, […]

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New Years resolutions

New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right.

New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right. It’s that time of year when you start to think more & more about your resolutions.. Christmas has been & gone and many of you will be starting 2020 by hitting the gym to beat that festive bloat & to kickstart the ‘new you’…. Here […]

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Be patient…

Whatever your goal is, success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, it takes consistency and it takes work! Don’t let the obstacles or bumps in the road detract you! Stay strong and have a great week! Tristan ‘stay on it’ Buttle.      

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JOSH HAS LOST 45 lbs!!!!

JOSH HAS LOST 45 lbs!!!! This year Josh decided he wanted to make some changes & lose weight…. These are his words & his results: “Posting this now as with the Christmas holidays coming up I’m unlikely to make anymore progress this year but I’m ok with that. You have to be able to enjoy yourself 🍻. January […]

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