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Training arms & copying arnold…

    I haven’t done a barbell bicep curl in a LONG time! Barbell curls are in the category of exercises that I used to think I ‘HAD’ to do, alongside flat bench press, squats, & many other so called ‘staples’ (basically anything that Arnold did 😂). However, I now favour bicep exercises that fit […]

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Don’t look back unless it’s to see how far you have come…

Don’t look back unless it’s to see how far you have come… 📷I thought I’d share some older progress photos alongside my recent updates, but with some greater context. I’m not claiming I was ever massively overweight but it’s what you can’t see that makes a bigger difference to me: 1️⃣In October 2017, I finally […]

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Lynne is killing it!

I train a wide variety of age groups, ranging from 19-63, everybody is different & everyone’s goals vary. Lynne is 62 and her goal is to defy the frailty that can come with getting older. She’s doing things she’s never done before and is always up for the challenge!  One of the many reasons I […]

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rest time

Rest time between sets.

  Every exercise in your program should have a prescribed rest time between sets for you to stick to. Taking the required rest time between sets allows your muscles to recover & replenish energy stores, it also allows you to mentally prepare for the following set. Timing your rest periods also keeps you present in […]

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2 Gold Medals!

2  GOLD MEDALS!! Working with para swimmer Owen Garsides is an absolute pleasure! Owen is very unassuming but very dedicated, and he’s a great example to us all how we shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of our goals!  A truly amazing effort! Well done Owen, I’m very proud of you 👍🏻 Thats all […]

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Get results like these with my 8 week challenge!

Get results like these with my 8 week challenge starting next Monday (29/07/19). If you are unsure about what to do to truly get in shape…. If your training or confidence isn’t where you want it to be…… If you feel you are in a slump & not sure of your next step or what […]

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Going Topless for the first time EVER!

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years & I have NEVER posted a topless photo of myself EVER…until now! I prefer to keep myself covered up in out & of the gym & I don’t actually enjoy having my photo taken. I’ve never felt fully comfortable in front of the camera & I don’t […]

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beach body

Andy is beach body ready!

This is Andy… He isn’t a bodybuilder or an athlete, he is simply a normal guy who wishes to continually better himself.. How? He trained with me 3 times a week at Metro gym in a structured & progressive manner. He followed set sensible guidelines for his calorie intake (that also allowed for flexibility in […]

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Love Island

Love Island – Do you watch it?

  Love Island – Do you watch it? As you probably know, the new series of Love Island started last night…(if you have been living under a rock click here to find out more) It’s not really my thing (honest)….but as Amy is into it, it will be ‘on in my presence’ last night (and […]

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more isnt better

More isnt always better….

More isn’t better, the only thing that is better is better… So how do YOU get better? Start by asking yourself this question, right now: What did you achieve in your most recent workout? You may have moved your body, had some alone time,and sweaty and these are valid reasons to train, however did you make […]

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