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slimming world free foods

Slimming world…

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Stronger Things

Stronger Things…

Stronger Things: Here are ‘eleven’ ( get it ) reasons/benefits why doing ‘Stronger’ Things & lifting weights is a good idea: Burn more calories when you are resting. Better mobility – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! Increased confidence & self esteem. Better posture. Clearer mindset (get out of your own head). Stronger […]

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Eating breakfast, fasting and steps…

1) ‘Do I have to eat breakfast’? No, it’s not the ‘most important meal of the day’, and you don’t HAVE to eat breakfast & it absolutely doesn’t ‘speed up your metabolism’. Likewise, if by skipping breakfast you are raiding the vending machine/canteen by 10am (and as a result you over-consume in total calories) having […]

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New Years resolutions 2022: a quick guide to doing it right. 

New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right.  Chances are that you have started to think about your new year resolutions?  Here are 15 simple tips to help you out for 2022: 1. Set REALISTIC goals… if you are new to training or looking to resume after a long time off, then going from nothing […]

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Rucking: Rucking is an extremely simple method of training. Get a rucksack, add weight, bang the rucksack on your back & get walking! There are many different approaches & methods, but I  advise starting with around 5% of your bodyweight & progressing up to around 20%. I would start with an simple 20 min ruck […]

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TBHQ is ready for business! It’s been a long couple of weeks, but we did it!  I say ‘we’ because I’ve been extremely lucky to have some amazing people help make this happen! Ck Paving did a truly AMAZING job of totally transforming our garden! Their service & standard of work is superb.  My DIY skills are […]

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female fat loss

Female Fat Loss Challenge!

FEMALE FAT LOSS CHALLENGE! Are you a female aged between 30-45? I’m looking for 5 women who want to lose body fat, increase energy, and feel better! If you want to get back into your favourite pair of jeans and regain your body confidence this is the challenge for YOU! My challenge invites you to be […]

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No more 4XL

No more 4XL!

This is Sonny & we have been working together since August. Whilst moving house and sorting out his clothes, Sonny realised that t-shirts he had bought 6 months prior no longer fitted him… He knew it was time for a change, he’d be meaning to lose weight for a while, but decided it was now […]

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