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The REAL reason your trainer asks you to track your steps…

15% of your total daily calories are burned from your daily activities excluding resting, training, sleeping and eating. This is referred to as Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (N.E.A.T). A huge influence in N.E.A.T levels are the total amount of daily steps that you perform. However, you can increase you N.E.A.T without tracking steps, it’s just […]

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Hunger : What foods will help you feel fuller for longer?

  There are no magical foods that will automatically burn fat from your body (sadly). Fat loss is achieved by creating (and sticking to) a calorie deficit.The is THE single most important factor when it comes to getting results. Therefore structuring a plan that enables you to maintain this deficit is key. This can be helped by […]

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If you want to TRULY lose weight, read this….

Fat loss is achieved by managing your energy balance & creating a realistic/sustainable calorie deficit. The reality is that you can train as hard as you want, as often as you want, but if you are consuming too many calories, you will NOT lose body fat. I don’t like to deal in absolutes, but when it comes […]

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Lets talk diets…

Lets talk diets… Statistics from the National weight loss control registry show that 6 out 7 people who follow ANY diet lose weight, but sadly approx 95% of them put the weight back on within a 3 year period! The registry tracked over 10,000 successful dieters and they found the main reasons for the diet […]

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Josh has lost 43 pounds!

  Just over a year ago Josh decided that he had had enough.. He wasn’t happy with how he looked and how he felt. His weight had hit a high of 110.6 kg and was affecting his confidence, he watched a video of himself from a night out and simply did not like what he […]

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You can eat chocolate and still make progress!

If you want to enjoy a bit of Chocolate without hammering the calories this quick selection from Cadburys might help. Looking to permanently remove any food choice from your diet for the rest of your life is not only unnecessary, it’s also completely unsustainable. Yes you can eat chocolate and still make progress, you just […]

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