Creamy Cajun Chicken & Rice.


creamy cajun chicken & rice


Creamy Cajun Chicken & Rice.

This is a very simple & tasty recipe I had recommended to me by a client.

500g sliced chicken breast

200-280g of microwave basmati rice

1 x chopped white onion

1 x chopped red pepper 

1 x chopped yellow pepper

1 x chopped orange pepper

6 x laughing cow extra light cheese triangles

150 ml Chicken stock

Chopped spinach 

Cajun spice


1️⃣Gently Fry off the chicken & add Cajun spice (amount to vary depending on taste).

2️⃣Add the chopped onion & peppers to the pan and continue to cook.

3️⃣Once cooked, add the cheese triangles & 150ml of chicken stock.

4️⃣Mix well until a creamy texture is formed.

5️⃣Bang the rice in the microwave, when done add to the pan and stir through.

6️⃣Finally stir in the chopped spinach and you are done!


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