Deadpool: a quick life lesson…

DeadPool: a quick life lesson…



I rewatched Deadpool last night in prep for the sequel….

As I’m a bit of a nerd, I watched the extras which detail the make up process that Ryan Reynolds had to go through to on a daily basis to become Deadpool…



  • 😱The prosthetics for his face alone took 3 hours!
  • 😱The full body work took 7 hours!
  • 😱That’s every day of shooting!

This got me thinking:

Very often in life we see & focus on the end result without understanding the work that is required to get there…….

💪🏻We see someone in great shape & we don’t always appreciate the time, dedication & potential sacrifices it took that individual to get there…..

When you see a big house, or a flash car, more than likely that person has had to work hard & consistently to get there…..

👨‍❤️‍👨When you see the ‘perfect couple’ they will also have endured tougher times, but consistency & dedication carries them through….

The secret to achieving success in any of your goals, whether it’s in body, in mind, in business or in love is consistency & doing the work…

That’s all for today, have a great day

Tristan ‘maximum effort ’ Buttle.

P.S- What’s your fav Reynolds movie?

P.P.S- Ryan not Burt…….

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