Don’t look back unless it’s to see how far you have come…

Don’t look back unless it’s to see how far you have come…

📷I thought I’d share some older progress photos alongside my recent updates, but with some greater context.

I’m not claiming I was ever massively overweight but it’s what you can’t see that makes a bigger difference to me:

1️⃣In October 2017, I finally picked up the courage to leave a job that wasn’t making me happy. I wasn’t happy because I felt trapped & I had lost my sense of purpose. The before photos where taken around this time.

2️⃣Physically, I felt ok in my clothes but I NEVER posted any progress photos & I lacked body confidence (this is still a bit of a battle, but it’s getting better, to read more about this click here).

3️⃣At the time my sleep was very poor/broken. In turn, this had a big knock effect on my food intake, often justifying certain choices to myself & binging due to fatigue. I often felt stressed and uneasy.

4️⃣I was training & teaching a lot of classes, but looking back I was very guilty of being a busy fool. My workouts were nowhere near as productive as they are now, & I was often just going through the motions.

5️⃣I had a lot more aches & pains throughout my body, my back was especially weak often causing setbacks in my training & my general day to day life with fairly frequent accute spasms.

6️⃣The idea of getting up & going for a walk at 6:30am was non existent! I simply wasn’t motivated to start my day like I am now. Back then, If I started at 8am I’d get up as late as possible!

👍🏻Im now just over 10kg lighter & have been over a year. I’m far stronger, not just in my body, but also in my mind.



😘I would also add that being in the right relationship has also been HUGE in making any of the above possible. Amy Lewis has been my support throughout everything & continues to be there for me on daily basis. None of this would be possible without her. X

I’m sharing this with you because all too often we just see the highlight reel on social media, we see the before and afters and the successes but we don’t always see the big picture or the true stories behind the photos.

I also want to remind you that if YOU want to change YOU can. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, to feel fed up & frustrated, and to feel lost but I also understand how painful & scary change can be…

The true reality is that your current situation does NOT have to be permanent.

Please don’t wait, If you do all that happens is you get older, trust me.

If I can help you in anyway, I will, give me a shout.

Tristan ‘changed’ Buttle.

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