Do you want to TRULY lose fat in 2018?

Have you set yourself a goal for 2018? Is this your year?

Knowing what to do is often equally as important as knowing what NOT to do…

I’ve worked in the fitness industry a long time, I’ve clocked in over 18 years experience & over the last few years I’ve seen a HUGE shift in the state of things…..

The media is FULL of gyms & personal trainers all promising you the answers to your goals. This is especially true during the current New Year boom!

The fitness industry is truly MASSIVE now, with more gyms, more trainers, more gurus, more nutritionists, more ‘diet’ plans, more pills, more potions, more ‘miracles’, more of everything…however despite all of this, the industry is FAILING…….

Why ?

People in this country are sicker then ever before, obesity rates have risen higher than ever, and the total amount of the UK population who are members of gyms clocks in at around 12%……

Therefore, my advice to you is to simply NOT do what the majority are doing this time of year, simply because the chances are it wont be sustainable and ultimately it wont get you where you TRULY want to be…

So, what should you avoid?

  • Plans with the promise of you getting ‘shredded or blitzed’ in a definite amount of time, but then typically leave you going STRAIGHT back to your old ways & habits….often feeling even worse about yourself. 
  • Extreme dieting tactics – cabbage soup anyone?! 
  • Cleansing‘ or ‘detoxing‘ products… you simply do not need to do this.
  • Routines that don’t encourage, educate or motivate you to change ANY part of your lifestyle or your eating patterns/habits.
  • Plans that focus on total body weight only. This can be a factor, but is not the ONLY factor when getting in shape, composition is the key.
  • Systems replacing food with liquid (shakes)….  replacing actual meals with shakes (or ‘juicing’) does NOTHING to change your relationship with food. The simple reason these plans work(initially) is that you eat less for a period of time. 
  • Going from doing nothing to training 5 x a week!

I could honestly talk about this all day, it’s very close to my heart.

I’m passionate about this because I see good people with great intentions make bad decisions & choices due to false hope. This leaves them feeling even more fed up, angry, and depressed……….

…………Please don’t be one of these people.

Its boring I know, and its far harder to sell or package, but the answer to you achieving TRUE success this year lies in creating consistent & realistic habits that you CAN stick to.

If you are stuck or unsure about what to do, please do give me a shout.

That’s all for today, until the next time..

Tristan ‘boring/consistent’ Buttle.



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