Eating breakfast, fasting and steps…

1) ‘Do I have to eat breakfast’?

No, it’s not the ‘most important meal of the day’, and you don’t HAVE to eat breakfast & it absolutely doesn’t ‘speed up your metabolism’.

Likewise, if by skipping breakfast you are raiding the vending machine/canteen by 10am (and as a result you over-consume in total calories) having a small breakfast could help keep your calories in check for the day.

Including protein in your breakfast (and every other meal) will also help keep you feeling fuller for longer, helping to control your appetite and curb the cravings.

2) ‘What do I think of fasting’?

Fasting only works if you are still in a calorie deficit, if you are overeating no amount of fasting will help your weight loss. Fasting simply gives a window for your to control your total intake.

Eg- if you are prone to evening snacking and you’re not a big breakfast person, a eating window of 12-8pm could help your total intake. It’s not magic, it’s like working a shift for the day, and all your calories have to be consumed by the end of that shift.

3)‘Why are steps so important’?

15% of your total daily calories are burned from your daily activities excluding resting, training, sleeping and eating. This is referred to as Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (N.E.A.T). A huge influence in N.E.A.T levels are the total amount of daily steps that you perform. Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (E.A.T) accounts for only 5% of your total daily calories burned.This is why exercise shouldn’t be about how many calories you burn, and why ‘fat burning’ workouts don’t exist! Focusing on overall input/output is the way to lose weight.

I’ll be sharing more questions & answers on here over the next few weeks, but if you have anything you’d like my opinion please drop me a message and I’ll try my best to help you out.

Tristan ‘q & a’ Buttle.

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