Find your outlet…

Find your outlet…

In a world of uncertainty, the only thing you can control are your actions.

Easier said than done, I get it, & I have those days myself…

I get frustrated & fed up, it’s ok to feel like this... it’s TOTALLY normal!

Training to me has always been an outlet, a time for controlled aggression to channel my thoughts & clear my mind to help anchor my day.

I can not control anything that’s going on in the world, but I can control my workouts.

It’s not much, but for that hour I’m free.

I encourage you, now more than ever, to find your outlet.

If you feel fed up, frustrated or you’ve fallen off the wagon since the lockdown, please give me a shout.

Have a good weekend, stay safe, stay sane, & stay strong!

Tristan ‘garden gains’ Buttle.

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