Going Topless for the first time EVER!

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years & I have NEVER posted a topless photo of myself EVER…until now!

I prefer to keep myself covered up in out & of the gym & I don’t actually enjoy having my photo taken. I’ve never felt fully comfortable in front of the camera & I don’t like posing for photos. 

I’m happy to post training videos, as I feel they are very real, raw & unrehearsed, I simply do what I would be doing in the gym, ignore the camera & crack on.

But when it comes to revealing myself, I have always been extremely reluctant. Even as I type this, I’m questioning whether this is the right thing to do or not..


Ultimately, because of fear.

Fear of judgment from others. 

Fear of what people might say or think.

Fear of feeling inadequate & feeling exposed.

I’m sharing this as we ALL have insecurities, as a personal trainer I have always felt a pressure that I ‘should’ look a certain way & I realise that I’ve been very guilty of comparing myself to others.

I was comparing myself to younger (often enhanced) individuals, I was comparing myself to other trainers, coaches & bodybuilders, even though I don’t compete! 

If you are having a down day about your body, you can always rely on social media to make you feel 10 times worse!

However the reality is that there will ALWAYS be someone who is leaner/fitter/stronger than you. 

I just want to be the best version of myself that I can be & I encourage you to do the same.

It’s your story, your journey, your progress & your results. 

I’m 41, I’ve trained all my adult life, & it’s took me over 20 years to face my fears & truly put myself out there. 

I wouldn’t say I’m ‘truly’ happy in my body(who ever is?!) but I’m learning to accept myself & face my insecurities.

So I ask you, where would YOU be without fear?

If I can help you in anyway, I will.

Stay positive, and don’t let comparison steal your joy. 

Tristan ‘here I am’ Buttle.

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