Herbalife started many years ago, & was sold (quite literally) out the boot of a car by its founder Mark Hughes……

💰By 1982 it had made 2 million dollars in Canada…..

💰By 1988 Herbalife had been introduced into Australia, the US & the UK….

💰By 1996 Herbalife had made 1 billion dollars…..

💰By 2011 Herbalife made a total net profit of 3.5 BILLION dollars…..

God knows what the net profit is in 2019!

These figures help to show the power of their advertising, marketing & branding… It also shows how they can pay for celebrity’s to endorse their products, but that’s another story….

But it mainly highlights how people haven’t changed……

We want the quick fix…

We want the miracle solution…

We want to believe that these ‘weight loss secrets’ are what have been missing all along….

But I get it….A short term fix will always outsell a long term strategy/plan.

Quick results are not a bad thing, as long as they are realistically sustainable…

Before deciding to follow any ‘diet’ or ‘system’ ask yourself this question:

Am I going to be following this in a years time?

If not, it’s a fad, dress it up however you want, even with a billion dollar budget, it’s still a fad.

Also, before you agree to buy any product from a rep consider what is it in for the person that is selling to you? 

Do they have your best interests or do they want to move up a level on the pyramid? 

❌It’s not magic & it’s not a miracle, THE reason ANYONE loses weight by following Herbalife is that they eat less calories! 

Thats all for today….

Tristan ‘bin it’ Buttle.

P.S – If you are stuck or confused about the world of nutrition, give me a shout.

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