Holiday workout…….


holiday workout

Having a holiday workout:

My belief is that YOU should do what YOU enjoy on holiday, so if you desire a holiday workout, do it!

However, personally, I don’t prioritise the training over anything else… I prefer to be in ‘holiday mode’, seeing any workout as a potential bonus/opportunity to simply move my body without compromising anything else. I recommend you do the same: if you train, you train, if you don’t, you don’t: don’t sweat having a week off, chances are if you train hard all year round, you NEED time off. Consider this your ‘deload phase’ or more simply put: a week of REST!

If you do fancy a session, to keep your body moving or to perhaps re-energise yourself, follow these simple tips:

>Stay hydrated! If you are abroad, the heat with kill your performance if you don’t stay on top of your water intake.

>Keep it brief. Get in, get out. Go for a full body routine. Absolutely no need to be in the gym everyday in my opinion. 1/2 a week.

>Leave the logbook at home: these workouts are not about beating numbers.

>Be prepared to compromise & adapt, chances are you won’t be able to follow your EXACT current routine. This is totally fine.

>Go lighter: ( what?!) most hotel gyms simply won’t have the loading that you may be used to, but remember this isn’t about numbers, this is just about movements. I’d go for higher reps/lighter weights, using supersets.

>Have fun! Train with your wife/gf/husband/bf/friends or family & enjoy it together.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘holiday workout’ Buttle.

P.S – If you need a holiday workout routine, give me a shout……….

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