Hunger Levels & Fat Loss: Grab An Easy Peeler!


Hunger Levels &  Fat Loss:

There are no magical foods that will automatically burn fat from your body (sadly). Fat loss is achieved by creating (and sticking to) a calorie deficit. 

The is THE single most important factor when it comes to getting results. 

Therefore structuring a plan that enables you to maintain this deficit is key.

This can be helped by choosing foods that leave you feeling fuller for longer. Doing so will also play a role in helping to control your appetite, which can often increase as your body fat drops leading to binging/pigging out/pressing the ‘fu*k it button’/starting the diet again on Monday’ etc.

The ‘Satiety Index Of Common Foods S.H.A. Holt et al’ study conducted research on 38 common foods to determine what had the highest levels of satiety:

Subjects where given a serving size of 240 kcal worth of foods & their subjective levels of hunger where measured afterwards.

The study found the following foods to score the highest levels of satiety:


Like I said, no one food is magical, but if you enjoy these foods & you are struggling with hunger, try implementing them within your calorie intake & see how you get on.

Practically speaking, for most people a combination of fat/protein will also keep hunger levels in check.

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Tristan ‘easy peeler’ Buttle.

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