I love shopping……







I’m just putting going to put it out there….I love a bit of shopping…..

with no shame……..

no embarrassment……….

I love a bit of shopping…..

However, has this ever happened to you………….?

You have been out shopping, tried something on & thought ‘it’s just not me? You liked it but it didn’t feel right?

>Maybe you couldn’t see yourself wearing it?

>Maybe it wasn’t reflective of your personality?

This very same thought process applies to deciding on what method/mode of training you decide on to achieve your health & fitness goals.

I’ll give you an example:

German Volume Training is a renowned protocol for muscle building & fat loss, with lots of data & research to support it… so as a guy who wants to build muscle, I should be all over it, right?


The reality is that it requires lost of repetitive sets (10 x 10) & for someone like me, this gets very tedious & boring, very quickly!!!! Therefore I won’t stick to it….so whats the point?

For others, this style of training may be bang on!

Consider YOUR own personality when looking at what is right for YOU.

>Do you get bored easy?
>Do you like change?
>Are you competitive?
>Can you be aggressive at times?
>Can you relax?
>Can you switch off easily?
>Can you be a bit scatty?

YOUR training program/routine should reflect YOUR personality……

If you haven’t stuck at something before, ask yourself why?

I don’t believe its because you are lazy, I just think you just haven’t found what is truly right for YOU.

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘shopping’ Buttle.

P.S – if you are unsure about how to decide what is right for you, give me a shout…..

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