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greek yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt: whats the best option?

I’m a huge fan of Greek yoghurt as a versatile protein source, Amy & I tend to have it as our last meal of the day, whilst watching Love Island 😂. (to read more about my feelings on Love Island click here). I like to add half a scoop of vanilla protein powder & some berries, […]

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alton towers

Alton Towers: Facing The Fear…

    Amy & I went to Alton Towers yesterday & we LOVED it! However, when it came to jumping on some of rides I don’t mind admitting, I was a bit nervous! I mean some of the rides are very INTENSE & very FAST!     Whilst I was convincing myself it would all be ok, I realised we […]

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Metro Gym

Which exercise is best for YOU?

    Which exercise is the best for YOU? . You don’t HAVE to do any one exercise.. . When it comes to selecting an exercise, considerations should include: . Injuries/physician limitations (past & present). . Individual mechanics. . Whether the exercise in question is actually a good fit for that individual. . Limb length. […]

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love island

Love Island – do you watch it?

  Love Island – do you watch it? As you probably know, the new series started recently…. It’s not really my thing (honest )….but as Amy is into it, its ‘on in my presence’ most evenings and probably will be for the foreseeable future every night at 9pm… Anyway, the ‘Love Island’ thing got me thinking, […]

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Birthday cake

Is Birthday Cake ‘bad’ for you?

Is Birthday Cake ‘bad’?  Consider this: would anyone judge you for having cake on your birthday?     🎂It’s a given isn’t it? Birthday & cake, hand in hand, totally normal. ❌It’s not deemed a ‘bad’ thing. It’s also totally normal to join in & eat cake when you are celebrating a friend/loved ones bday. […]

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PERSONAL TRAINING SPECIAL OFFER!   For a limited time only, I am offering YOU the following package: ✅A meet & chat to discuss YOUR goals & what YOU want achieve. YOU are an individual & unique, therefore the approach we take must also be unique. ✅We will discuss the best way for YOU to make realistic & sustainable changes to YOUR lifestyle & YOUR eating habits/patterns. ✅10 x Personal […]

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Deadpool: a quick life lesson…

DeadPool: a quick life lesson…   I rewatched Deadpool last night in prep for the sequel…. As I’m a bit of a nerd, I watched the extras which detail the make up process that Ryan Reynolds had to go through to on a daily basis to become Deadpool…   😱The prosthetics for his face alone […]

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BBQ Season – 8 quick tips to help you with fat loss.

    BBQ season is almost here, so have a quick read of these 8 simple tips to keep you on your path to fatloss whilst still enjoying yourself this summer! 1)🍔 Venison/kangaroo burgers are less calorific than your average supermarket burger.Sainsbury’s also do a great ‘lean burger’ option.   2)🍗Chicken breasts are less caloric […]

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feel better

Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to feel better? So the other day, I briefly mentioned the topic of micronutrients & how if you are lacking in certain areas, your health & performance will suffer (if you haven’t read it, you can do so by clicking here). The actual definition of a micronutrient is:  ‘a chemical element or […]

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feel better

Micronutrients/I want to ask you a quick question…..

Micronutrients/I want to ask you a quick question….. You’ve heard me talk a LOT about calories & macronutrients (protein, fat & carbs)…… and you that to achieve fat loss you HAVE to be in a calorie deficit? However, if I asked you about your micronutrient intake, could you answer me? Probably not.. That’s cool……. Most […]

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