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BBQ Season – 8 quick tips to help you with fat loss.

    BBQ season is almost here, so have a quick read of these 8 simple tips to keep you on your path to fatloss whilst still enjoying yourself this summer! 1)🍔 Venison/kangaroo burgers are less calorific than your average supermarket burger.Sainsbury’s also do a great ‘lean burger’ option.   2)🍗Chicken breasts are less caloric […]

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Food: what does it mean to YOU?

Food Glorious Food…That is todays quick topic… Today I’d like to know about your current relationship with food & what food actually means to YOU? I’d like to ask you some simple questions to get you thinking about what food TRULY means to YOU..   Do you know what protein, fats & carbohydrates are? Do […]

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Why ANY diet works (kind of)…

Just HOW important is nutrition when it comes to achieving fat loss? I’ll start by answering that question with a question ( well, actually two questions…I know, I know, I’m awkward…..) 1)Do you know anyone who has lost body fat/changed their bodyshape by changing their diet & lifestyle WITHOUT going to the gym? Your answer […]

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Are the scales making you miserable?

  Are the scales making you miserable? My goal is currently fatloss, & I have been weighing myself fortnightly: Sunday morning, no food, no clothes & after having a pee.. This gives me control over the variables… Or so I thought… This morning I weighed in at 104kg( this is up from 2 weeks ago, […]

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fat loss 2018

Do you want to TRULY lose fat in 2018?

Have you set yourself a goal for 2018? Is this your year? Knowing what to do is often equally as important as knowing what NOT to do… I’ve worked in the fitness industry a long time, I’ve clocked in over 18 years experience & over the last few years I’ve seen a HUGE shift in […]

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New Years resolutions

New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right….

  New Years resolutions: a quick guide to doing it right…. It’s that time of year when you begin to think more & more about your resolutions.. Christmas has been & gone and many of you will be starting 2018 by hitting the gym to beat that festive bloat & to kickstart the new you…. […]

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Diet starts tomorrow

Diet starts tomorrow…

  ‘Diet starts tomorrow’… Have you told yourself this at some point this weekend? Have you promised yourself? Have you told yourself that this week (starting tomorrow, because you can’t start on a Sunday can you -madness) you WILL make a change….. You WILL make a difference…… You WILL change your eating habits, you WILL […]

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Im a celebrity get me out of here!

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

  I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Do you watch it? It’s not for me….. I admit I’ve been guilty of the occasional X factor viewing now & again, but I draw the line at I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!…. However I’m aware of, as I’m sure you are, the […]

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Protein Cat food….

It’s become a buzzword………… Protein. It’s everywhere & it’s in everything: Protein shakes Protein bars Protein cereal Protein popcorn Protein beer (seriously) Protein cat food (not so seriously) The list goes on, and adding the word Protein has become a flashy way to market and sell pretty much any & every product imaginable. In all […]

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Water: Are you drinking enough?

Water: are you drinking enough? Whether your goal is to lose body-fat, improve your strength, enhance your performance, or to help off set some of the signs of the ageing process, drinking sufficient water on a daily basis should be an essential part of your routine. You can dial in your nutrition and training, but […]

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